You are currently viewing Oathmark Skeleton Infantry Preview – 28mm miniatures

Oathmark Skeleton Infantry Preview – 28mm miniatures

Have you seen the brand new 28mm Oathmark Skeleton Infantry miniatures set to release this November (2020)? Recently I dived through North Star Military’s Figures Facebook Page in search of preview images to share with you of the upcoming product.

In this post you will see the plastic sprues of the miniatures, some completed (and painted) figures, plus the Champions and Characters available to the army.

Note: All of the images in this preview come from North Star Military’s Figures Facebook Page.

The Sprues

If you are curious about what you get with the the Oathmark Skeleton Infantry, check out these sprue pictures. Here you get to know exactly what to expect from North Star Military Figures.

Oathmark Skeleton Infantry - Sprue
The front of the Oathmark Skeleton Sprue.
Oathmark Skeleton Infantry - plastic frame back side
The back of the frame.

Looking at the plastic frames of the Oathmark Skeleton Infantry, you will notice that you get enough hand weapons, spears, and bows that you can equip every skeleton with anyone of those options. That gives you the flexibility you need to arm your undead army how you wish.

How many miniatures come in a box? 30. Doing the math, that gets you six of the above sprues.

Built Skeletons

The sculptor of these figures, Michael Anderson, actually built and painted his own miniatures. They look really good. Let’s take a look at what he did with them.

Skeleton warband by North Star Military figures and Osprey games
A small Oathmark skeleton infantry group.
28mm skeleton archers
The skeletons as archers.
Skeleton Warrior miniatures
Skeleton Warriors with a mix of hand weapons and spears.
28mm plastic skeleton - North Star Military Figures
A close up of a great looking skeleton guard.

Special Figures

On top of producing a box of skeleton infantry, North Star Military Figures also created special figures for your undead army.

Let’s take a look.

28mm Undead character miniatures
A Necromancer along with some other special undead figures. Is that a skeletal mage!?
Skeleton champions
Some undead champions.

Those are some nice looking minis.

Their Rules

Do we know their rules? Well, not yet, but hopefully soon! Osprey Games is still to release this book. It will likely be coming out along side these miniatures this November (2020).

The cover of the rule book, looks really cool! Check this out!

Oathmark Oathbreakers Cover art - undead armies in Oathmark
I absolutely love that cover art. It really makes me want that book to see how Joseph A. McCullough and Osprey Games deal with undead in the rules of Oathmark.

The Box Art

Back to the Oathmark Skeleton Infantry miniatures by North Star Military Figures. If you are looking for these on the retail market or on the web, here is the box art that you want to look for.

Oathmark Skeleton Infantry box art
Have to give recognition to North Star Military Figures and Osprey Games. They really know how to make their miniature products look good. Check out that box art!

That’s some nice art!

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in this quick preview article of Skeleton Infantry by North Star Military Figures for Oathmark. They look great and I am really curious to see how Oathmark deals with undead armies in their ruleset.

I am not sure about you, but Undead are one of my favourite fantasy army types. If you want more stories about Oathmark, check out my Oathmark Section.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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