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What is the Most Beautiful Tabletop Miniatures Game?

As you can tell by title, this is a very subjective post. What is the Most Beautiful Tabletop Miniatures Game? To me, that would be Blood and Plunder. I loved this game ever since I first saw it on Beasts of War. Since then, I tried the game a few times, amassed a collection and even wrote a lot of articles about the game.

Why is Blood & Plunder the most beautiful miniatures game? Because of how it looks on the tabletop. Tall ships. Beautiful miniatures. Fun rules. Together, this mixes a good recipe for a stunning game on the table. Add in some extra terrain and you are golden.

While this response is very short, I published a six minute video about my journey into Blood & Plunder and showcasing some awesome images with the miniatures and ships of the game.

On YouTube – Blood & Plunder – The most beautiful 28mm miniatures game that I know for the tabletop

Here is that video post.

Giving some love to Blood & Plunder on YouTube.

Wrapping it up…

Thanks for joining me in this Blood & Plunder video post. If you are interested in the game, you can check out Firelock Games, DriveThruRPG, Amazon and your preferred retailer.

As a note, Must Contain Minis runs affiliate sales through DriveThruRPG and Amazon. If you buy something there after going there from this site, a portion of the sale price goes to support this website at no extra cost to you.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. Steve

    I agree! Beautiful game! I also love Age of Sail, so… I saw your article about the Raise the Black KS and although I didn’t see my gaming group being willing to get into this and didn’t even see how I would use these minis for another game, I was one click away from buying in (I only demurred when I realized that delivery is a year out…)

    If we’re talking official models, two games come to my mind that I’d nominate:
    Infinity, which I don’t play, but the minis and terrain are stunning. They’re a little too small for my 52 year-old eyes to paint though – the older I get the more I appreciate “epic-sized” minis within a scale category.

    Speaking of “epic” minis: the other “most” beautiful game I would nominate (and I can’t believe I’m giving a hat tip to GW) is Kill Team. I do always have to hand it to GW, they’ve always done great sculpts and over the years they’ve just gotten better and better. The minis kits tapped as official for Kill Team are fantastic and the game being skirmish-level makes it a little easier on the wallet given GWs prices. With the game set in the 40k universe, players have access to the entire 40k line of minis and terrain. Since my favorite part of minis gaming is kit-bashing – I like to have minis on the table that are unique – the availability of so many sprues and bits from the 40k line makes it easy to kit-bash a force that looks like no one else’s while still staying “official.”

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Nice choices Steve. A friend of mine has been trying to get me into Kill Team, and then the pandemic hit. 🙁

      That said, it looks cool. Infinity is a game I have had my eyes on for a long time. Are the minis tough to build? I tend to prefer Plastic miniatures.

      Thanks so much for the comment!

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