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Broadsword 8 – Back When Conventions Were a Thing.

Remember Gaming Conventions? I sure do, and I miss them. Often you could find me at conventions local to Ontario. I loved hosting games, trying new products and buying from local vendors. Many of those vendors list on the Canadian Miniatures Gaming Companies Page, but it is not the same.

I really miss that human interaction from these events that COVID-19 stopped. The one I reflect back on today is Broadsword 8 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada by the Hamilton Tabletop Gaming Society. Barnaby Ore runs a really great group there.

In this post, I share links to previous articles and also share some new photos. For those interested in listening to a podcast, I will share a link to a Podcast at the end of the article. In that podcast, Barnaby Ore talks about how Historical Miniatures Gaming is not dying in his club in Hamilton. This post wraps up my coverage of the event.

Now, let’s start with some table pictures from Broadsword 8.

Game Table Pictures from Broadsword 8

Here are just some of the tables that I got pictures of at Broadsword 8.

WW2 at a Miniature wargaming convention in Hamilton Ontario Canada - Broadsword 8
Who else misses big battles?
Historical wargaming at an Ontario based convention
I got a few pictures of this table. Looks great!
Wargaming Convention
Totally looks like fun!
A gaming table at Broadsword 8 in Hamilton Ontario Canada
Another awesome looking table. The game hosts brought some really good stuff to Broadsword 8.
Taking pictures at Broadsword 8
I wasn’t the only one taking pictures of the tables.
Look at the size of that gaming table! Wow!
Look at the size of this battle!
Zooming in on the tiny model village
Zooming in on that tiny village.
A neat looking gaming table
Not sure what this one was, but it looks cool!
A Middle East gaming table
What an awesome gaming table!
Gaslands the miniatures game
Gaslands. Yes! I wanted to play this one, but it was popular. I believe the slots filled up quickly.
Battletech at Broadsword 8
One group used Heroscape hexes for Battletech. Good idea.
Heroscape in Hamilton Ontario Canada
Another group used Heroscape tiles for Heroscape! Hamilton still has an active community for this game.
A table from Broadsword 8
Another awesome looking table.

All of these tables from broadsword 8 certainly have me missing gaming.

Below are some links to articles I wrote related to the event.

Broadsword 8 Articles

Here is a list of the articles that I wrote related to the event.

If any of them catch your eye, be sure to give them a read too.

Wrapping it up…

I don’t know about you, but this walk down memory lane has me really missing miniature gaming in general. I have not played a game since our first lock down started back in March. That is the year of 2020 and the world of COVID-19. No gaming, no spending lots of time with friends at conventions. That said, I am getting more time to build models and produce content for the web.

Despite all of the challenges this year, the Hamilton Tabletop Gaming Society is thriving on Facebook and Barnaby even went on Anything But a One to talk about Youth in Gaming. That was a very interesting listen.

This article concludes my coverage of Broadsword 8 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!