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Council Fires – 2018

Today I am getting ready for Council Fires and I am excited. For those that have been before, the venue has changed. It is now in Niagara Falls instead of Brantford. To be exact, it is at the Canada BW Warhouse (8699 Stanley Ave, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 0E1). For me, this is much further to attend than the original location. Hopefully it will draw out some new people to the event.

There are two Bolt Action Demos. One of Friday night and one on Saturday Afternoon. I will be running the one Saturday Afternoon. It will be a bit of a surprise as to exactly what I am running as I am using the armies and terrain of a friend, but I am looking forward to it non-the-less. Hopefully the people at my table enjoy the game and want to try it out further afterwards.

The admission fee looks to be $11.50 for the day or $20 if you join the Lord of the Rings Tournament. Not bad at all if you are looking for something to do.

Vendors and Flea Market

There is a good number of Vendors to check out at this year’s Council Fires.

For vendors, they have Crucible Crush, Six Squared Studios, Pulp Figures, RAFM, Full Battle Rattle Miniatures, and Crossed Swords all listing as attendees. That is a good line up of sellers! I am going to have to make sure I bring some money for some purchases.  🙂

For people looking to sell of their collections (or save some money or find a rare gem), Council Fires is also running a Flea Market. The Flea Market is a different concept than any other ones that I have been to. Basically, you rent a shelf for a flat fee and over the next two hours, you can sell as much as you want. Typically, I am use to the facilitator taking a percentage rather than a flat fee. It might be a good way to save money and sell off your old collections for those interested. Hopefully it will also mean savings or rare finds for those of us looking to buy.

Wrapping it up…

There are a number of participation games planned for Council Fires. While the event is a little further away from me this year, I am still looking forward to it and I really like their line up of vendors for the event. Doors open Friday at 3pm and Saturday at 8:30am.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!