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Showcase: Painted Dracula’s America

This post is a showcase piece of the work by Les of Underground Painter’s Desk. The miniatures in this post, he painted for Osprey Games Dracula’s America. Black Scorpion Miniatures manufactured most of these miniatures. Now, let’s talk a bit about Dracula’s America.

Dracula’s America

Dracula’s America is a miniatures agnostic game. You use whatever miniatures you want. When it comes to Les, his preferred company for 28mm Wild West figures is Black Scorpion Miniatures. I’ve wrote a bit about this game. My latest two Dracula’s America posts include a very detailed Battle Report with a Quick Review on Must Contain Minis and a Review on Bell of Lost Souls.  Be sure to check those posts out for more information about the game.

With that out of the way, this post is about the miniatures. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the beautiful Weird Wild West miniatures painted by Les.

28mm Wild West Civilians

Civilians and NPCs can play a role in Dracula’s America. Here are some of the Civilians that Les painted up. Let me know what you think of them.

28mm Wild West Black Scorpion Miniatures
Check out the paint job on this civilian of a Wild West town. Wow!
Black Scorpion Miniatures in Dracula's America
Every town needs a blacksmith.
Wild West 28mm civilian miniatures painted nicely
What a great looking mini. Shame he brought a broom to a gun fight. lol.
Female Wild West 28mm Civilian Miniature for Dracula's America
Absolutely stunning work.
Dracula's America Painted Civilian Miniatures
Another look at that awesome mini. These miniatures are so well done!

28mm Wild West Miniatures

28mm Priest with a shotgun painted
A Priest with a shotgun. Fitting for a large number of Wild West Movies and for Dracula’s America too!
Dracula's America Miniatures
This guy is creepy. I believe he was used as an undead gunman, but he could just be an intimidating cowboy or gunslinger too. This figure is by Reaper Miniatures.
Wild West 28mm miniatures - Soldier
A Soldier. He is a part of the 7th Cavalry.

Turning it into the Weird Wild West

Some of the miniatures Les modified to turn them into models that fit the Dracula’s America gaming world. Below are a few of those minis that take the game from a historical setting and into the world of weird.

Dracula's America Painted Miniatures
You may recognize this guy from the cover of my Dracula’s America Battle Report. A cool mini that Les turned into a vampire just by the way he painted the mini.
Dracula's America Painted Miniatures - Gunman Angel
This guy is a custom piece done by Les. He kit-bashed the wings onto that gunman miniature to make an Angel Sheriff. The base of the body is by Black Scorpion Miniatures with his arms from another model and wings by Reaper Miniatures. Makes for a fairly nice looking model.
Dracula's America Painted Miniatures - werewolf
This miniature is one of the official ones by North Star Military Figures for Dracula’s America. Looks pretty good go me.

Dracula’s America Painted Miniatures in Action

As stated earlier, these are not all the official Dracula’s America Miniatures, but one of the beautiful things about Osprey Games is that you can use whatever miniatures you please for their rules. Below are a couple of action shots that I just had to include in this article.

Dracula's America Painted Miniatures - Gunfight in front of the Saloon
What a great shot this one is. A couple of Vampire aligned characters make their way out of a Saloon.
Dracula's America Painted Terrain
As with many skirmish games, the table is very important. Check out how awesome this table looks!!! Great miniatures on great terrain. Demo games don’t get a lot better than this. This is nice!
Dracula's America by Osprey Games in Play in Hamilton Ontario
Here Barnaby of the Hamilton Tabletop Gaming Society points out to David Winters how to best play his minis. Looks like Dave might take the advice. 😉

Wrapping it up…

The miniatures as painted by Les of Underground Painter’s Desk are stunning. You can tell he put a lot of effort in creating a gorgeous looking gaming table along with fantastic miniatures. Most of his miniatures are by Black Scorpion Miniatures, but he also has minis in his Dracula’s America Collection by Reaper Miniatures and North Star Military Figures. As a reminder, Les does take commission work.

If you haven’t tried Dracula’s America, I have a Battle Report on Must Contain Minis and I wrote a review of the game over on Bell of Lost Souls. Please check out those pieces for some more information.

What do you think of Les’s miniatures?

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

An Angel Cowboy in Dracula's America
Such a great picture. I had a lot of fun with this photo shoot!

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    Pretty cool minis and nice photos! I too like the mini with the angel sheriff and the guy with the rifle 🙂

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Thanks Andres. Les did a great job painting them and I do appreciate the feedback on my photos. 🙂

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