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Spotlight on Wiz-Kids unpainted D&D Miniatures

I am constantly on the hunt for new and affordable miniature products. Recently I came across some unpainted D&D minis by Wiz-Kids at one of my FLGSs (Friendly Local Gaming Stores). Immediately, I thought that these guys would look great for Frostgrave.

A look at Wiz-Kids unpainted D&D minis for Frostgrave
Above are two Human Wizards surrounded by Frostgrave Barbarians. Scale-wise, they are just a little bigger, but not out of place.

What attracted me to these guys in the store was the price. $4.99 Canadian for two pre-primed miniatures. Not bad at all!

Wiz-Kids has some great packaging on this minis
$4.99 Canadian and pre-primed with Vellejo paints? That’s perfect! I paint mostly with Vellejo paints to begin with.  🙂


Wiz-Kids has some great packaging on this minis
The packaging on this product looks great.

Once I got the product home, I opened it up to see what was in the package. Inside are two miniatures, two bases (which are the perfect size to fit in with Frostgrave miniatures), and two plastic spell effects that can be glued onto the models.

What comes in the box for Wiz-Kids unpainted (pre-primed) Miniatures
The Contents of the package. Two Miniatures, two spell effects and two bases.

For their price, these miniatures look great!

A D&D Wizard for use in Frostgrave
Overall, I like this wizard the best. The details are crisp, there is no flashing that I see and it should paint up nicely; however, there is a strange pocket in the cape that can be seen in this picture as a small diamond. I may leave that is or fill it in with some Green-Stuff.


A D&D Wizard
The second Wizard, I would use as the Apprentice in Frostgrave. His free hand looks a little strange because there is a peg to attach the spell effect. I am sure that once it is built and painted, it will look stunning.


Size Comparison of North Star Military Figures Frostgave miniature to an unpainted D&D Miniature to a Reaper Miniature
A picture with the Wizard between a 28mm North Star Military Figure miniature and a 32mm Reaper Miniature. I would say these fit in well with 32mm Reaper Miniature. I use the two scales together so I won’t let that stop me from using them in Frostgrave.


Size Comparison of North Star Military Figures Frostgave miniature to an unpainted D&D Miniature to a Reaper Miniature
The second Wizard between the same two miniatures. The base that comes with the mini matches the North Star ones perfectly, but the model itself is closer in scale to the Reaper Miniature than the North Star one.


Scale Comarison of Frostgrave Barbarian Miniatures to Wiz-Kids Miniatures
Another picture (with slightly different exposure than the first one) of the two wizards along side some North Star Military Figures Barbarians. I think they are going to look good as Wizards for this Warband.

I hope that everyone enjoyed this look at a couple of Wiz-Kids unpainted D&D Miniatures. They are fairly cool figures and worth giving a chance if see them at your local store.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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