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Showcase: Unicorn by WizKids (Pathfinder Battles)

This week, I painted up a Unicorn.

Showcase of a painted unicorn for WizKids Pathfinder Battles Game
A Unicorn by WizKids from their Pathfinder Battles Deep Cuts series. I painted it up to give away as a gift.

This Unicorn is by WizKids from their Pathfidner Battles Deep Cuts line. In a previous article, I reviewed the materials, scale and price of unpainted miniatures by WizKids. This model is the exact same price as the Dungeons and Dragons miniatures and the packaging is just as appealing.

Pathfinder Unicorn Miniature Packaging
The Packaging for the Pathfinder Battles Unicorn.


Pathfinder Unicorn Miniature Packaging - Rear
A great looking package. Very nice for a $5 miniature.

The model comes pre-primed with Vallejo paints. I really like that they used Vallejo because Vallejo is the brand of paints that I usually use. Now let’s get on with painting the miniature.

Right away, I base painted the model with the goal to replicate the work on the back of the package.

I figured that this was going to be a very easy job. To make the miniature match the back of the packaging, all I have to do is paint the mini white with a gold horn, perhaps differentiate the horse mane with some grey and paint the hoofs. A very simple painting scheme. Above is how I base-coated the mini.

However, the person receiving the gift asked that I paint the Unicorn’s mane in a Rainbow type pattern.


So… I went back and painted the Unicorn as requested. When I finished the base colours, above is how it looked.


I then applied a watered down wash over the miniature. I always get nervous when I was a wash as I used to use washes straight and undiluted. The result of that were dark miniatures that required a lot of dry-brushing to finish. Using a diluted mix means that you don’t have to dry-brush as much afterwards.

So far, this unicorn was looking very good. It painted up well and the details accepted the wash very nicely.

I often consider stopping my miniature painting at the wash step, but instead I almost always go back and highlight the model.

Below is a picture of the miniature after I finished its highlighting.

Painting up a Dungeons and Dragons / Pathfinder Unicorn Miniature
The Unicorn after receiving its highlights.

It looks pretty good, but the dry-brushing reduced the crispness of the miniature’s eyes. Normally I don’t paint eyes and instead rely on the wash to shade the eyes area and leave it at that. Because this miniature was going to someone as a gift, I did the eyes right.

The Completed Miniature

Below are pictures of the completed model.

Pathfinder RPG Unicorn Minaiture
Looks great to me. I think the person receiving this as a gift will be very happy.


Looking the Unicorn in the face
Up close, the model doesn’t look as awesome, but it still looks nice. That is due to my paint job and not the miniature itself.


A Unicorn by WizKids
Building and basing miniatures are my favourite parts of the hobby outside of gaming and hanging out with friends. How do you like the base on this miniature?


A Unicorn Miniature for RPGs such as Path Finder and Dungeons and Dragons. Miniature by WizKids.
An excellent model if I do say so myself. My paint job looks fantastic from this distance!


Unicorn Miniature by WizKids
Just showing one more image of the Unicorn. It is on a slightly different angle than the first picture. Check out the base. I love using those flowers with my miniatures.

I used my new mini painting station for the first time on this project as well as my wet pallet. I really enjoyed using this paint station and the wet pallet is great as it makes paints last longer and thins out cheaper craft store paints (making them better to use on miniatures).

Mini Painting Station (for miniatures) and wet pallet
Just showing off my new mini painting station (I like it a lot) and the wet pallet that I used to paint the Unicorn.

While painting the Unicorn, I used whatever paints I had on hand. The yellow and white paints are actually craft store paints because I don’t often paint in those colours. Craft Store paints tend to need more coats than miniatures paints. Many people say don’t use them, but I got some nice results from them. My advice is avoid them if you can, but it is not the end of the world if you need to use them. It just takes a little longer to paint the mini and maybe the result would be nicer if you used the proper paint. The other paints I used are all either Vallejo or GW.

I hope that everyone enjoyed this showcase of a WizKids Unicorn.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!


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  1. Thor

    Well done. I really like the basing you did on there; nice touch.

    Wet palettes are amazing. It changes the whole process.

    The thing I never liked about craft store paints was that they come off very easily compared to GW or Vallejo paints. I got some when I got into 40K, craft paints, and they'd rub off from handling the model while I was painting it. It was aggravating.

    So, my suggestion is if you are going to use them then also be sure to seal the model when it's completed.

  2. jacobstauttener

    Thanks very much for the compliment Thor. To be honest, basing and building models are my favourite parts of the hobby (aside from actually playing the game), so I tend to do better with that than painting.

    I often seal my models with some Krylon but didn't this time around. I may go back and do that. 🙂

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