Painter’s Tip – The Wet Palette

Painter’s Tip – The Wet Palette

One of the neatest things that has been helping my painting of late is the use of a wet pallete. I first encountered a wet pallet a few months ago at Forbes Hobbies when I was painting with the guys. All of them had the Wet Palette by Privateer Press and mentioned that I should get one because of how much it helps their painting. Retailing for around $20, I wasn’t ready to take the plung. I would rather spend my money on miniatures, so I went about the Internet to figure out how to make my own for much cheaper.

I came across a video by Atom Smasher of Tabletop Minions detailing exactly how to make a wet palette from of Dollar Store parts While expressing his love for the item. I am extremely happy with the one I built after watching this video because it seriously extends the life of my paints and helps my paints to flow better as I paint my models.
I am sure that the Privateer Press Wet Palette is better than this one, but when budget is an issue, this is a great solution.


The Wet Palette
A great item to extend the life of your paint and to better blend colours. All you need to make this is a container with a lid, wet paper towel and parchment paper.
The water in the paper towel keeps the parchment paper wet and your paints won’t dry up while you use them.
When you are done at the paint table, just put the lid on this thing and the colours remain good for the next time you go to use them. I find that the paints are still good even after leaving them for a week before returning to a project. This has saved me a lot of money from wasted paint.
The wet palette has almost completely replaced this regular palette that I bought from the Dollar Store; however, I still use this dry palette for my washes and dry-brushing.


For anyone that has not tried a Wet Palette yet for miniature painting, give it a try. I am extremely pleased with mine and find it helpful in preserving my mixed colours, in making the paint flow better and in saving me money. Total cost of this project… $2.

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