You are currently viewing Irish Warriors by Wargames Atlantic: Review of Some Clean and Crisp 28mm Miniatures

Irish Warriors by Wargames Atlantic: Review of Some Clean and Crisp 28mm Miniatures

In this post, I quickly review the Irish Warriors Miniatures by Wargames Atlantic. These 28mm miniatures are a great set to contemplate for a wide variety of miniatures games. I built mine specifically for SAGA, but I could see these miniatures being used in a number of other games too.

Being that this weekend is St. Patrick’s Day, this is a timely review. Now, let’s take a closer look at these miniatures by Wargames Atlantic.

The Box Art

As you would expect from Wargames Atlantic, this box comes with some nice artwork on the front, a description on the back, and some pictures of the miniatures too.

The box art - Front
Dark Age Irish Warriors - Blood Oaths 28mm Miniatures by Wargames Atlantic - Back box art

Opening the box, you get a number of sprues. As a reminder, these miniatures are on puddle bases, so if you want them on something else, you will have to supply your own bases. Let’s look at those sprues!

The Sprue: Wargames Atlantic Irish Warriors

Within the box, you get enough sprues to build 40 Irish Warriors. That’s right, this box packs 40 miniatures!

5 Sprues come in the box.

Each sprue is the same with two dogs and six figures across 5 frames. that gives you 30 warriors and 10 wardogs. There are more shields than miniatures, but the shield types are different, despite a number of them looking close to the same.

A look at Wargames Atlantic Irish Warriors sprue

The Build – So Easy!

Building these miniatures by Wargames Atlantic was super simple. Personally, I found it relaxing and enjoyed the experience. There isn’t really anything to caution you about these miniatures about.

Building the miniatures is super easy

Well, maybe one thing to caution you with. These miniatures come with no bases, just the puddle bases that are integrated onto each figure. You will have to provide your own, sized to whichever game you play.

The Finished Models

The complete miniatures look really good. Check out these figures. Let’s start with the Wardogs.

The Wardog that comes in this box

The dogs are okay, but the real meat in this kit is the 30 Irish Warriors within. Below I show those off in detail.

Group of four elite warriors

Even close up, they look great! For their cost in dollars, these miniatures are highly impressive.

A commander with a cloak
Wargames Atlantic Blood Oath miniature
One of the miniatures
Shield and spear

Let’s look at some other groups of these miniatures.

A group of 8 warriors before basing the figures

I really liked making these warriors.

28mm Irish Warrior miniature by Wargames Atlantic

There is so much character in these models, and they are just the foot soldiers.

A dark ages irish warrior miniature
Wargames Atlantic Irish Warrior Review

I have more to show you, but I will try to go through the others quicker. Overall, they just look fantastic.

A unit of 8 Warriors for SAGA

The shot above doesn’t do the models justice, so let’s zoom in on the next ones.

Close up of a warrior with a club

Such a cool miniature!

Shot of a miniature

For the leaders or champions of the force, I added in the more ornate shields.

An Irish Champion
One of the Champions

I like these 28mm Dark Age miniatures. I built the force up for SAGA, so it begs the question on how these models stack up versus Gripping Beast miniatures.

Compatibility with Gripping Beast

Straight up, let’s make a comparison of these miniatures with Gripping Beast’s plastics. These ranges are remarkably compatible. The proportions align seamlessly, allowing you to mix and match without hesitation. Whether you’re expanding an existing force or starting anew, these figures will march together in harmonious unity.

Scale Comparison of Saga Miniatures to WGA Irish Warriors

On the left is a metal Gripping Beast miniature. In the middle right, is a Dark Age Archer by Gripping Beast. The review for that is here. For a fair comparison, I propped up the Gripping Beasts miniatures bases to the same height as those by Wargames Atlantic.

These models are close enough in size, that I decided to use the metal Gripping Beast model as the Warlord for my group.

My Saga army built using one box of Wargames Atlantic Irish Warriors plus a separate metal model I bought to run as my warlord.

More Scale Comparisons

Gripping Beast is the obvious scale comparison that one might want to have these figures match, especially if you are using them for SAGA. Below I compare these miniatures to other models.

Scale Comparison of Wargames Atlantic Irish Warriors to Frostgrave, Oathmark and Saga.

Above – left to right… WGA Dog, Frostgrave Barbarian, WGA Warrior, Gripping Beast Archer, WGA Warrior, Oathmark Light Elf, WGA Warrior, WGA Conquistador.

Scale Comparison of Wargames Atlantic to Games Workshop Warhammer and Age of Sigmar Miniatures

Above – left to right… WGA Warrior, Old Warhammer Fantasy Wraith Knight, WGA Warrior, Age of Sigmar Stormcast Eternal, WGA Warrior.

Wrapping it up…

These Irish Warriors miniatures by Wargames Atlantic were a joy to build and photograph. They are super easy to construct and look really good under the photography lamps too. Thats before they even have paint on them!

There are plenty of shields, and a few weapons options too. One thing to note is that if you are hoping to do lots of slingers, there are not many slings on these sprues. Aside from that, there are lots of spears / javelins and hand weapons in this kit. That gives you some variability in the models you can make. I decided to do almost all of mine with spears / javelins to fit the SAGA army description I used as a guide for building this force.

Sidewise, the seem right in line with other Wargames Atlantic miniatures and Gripping Beast figures too. They also seem close in size to Frostgrave and Oathmark miniatures too.

Overall, I like these models. If you are after some great models at a value price, I recommend you look into Wargames Atlantic.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!