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Awesome 3D Printed British Bulldogs Heavy Weapons Team by Wargames Atlantic – A Quick Review

In this post, I show you a 3D Printed British Bulldogs Heavy Weapons Team miniature by Wargames Atlantic. For those of you who have not come across Wargames Atlantic yet, they make fantastic miniatures at a great price. I have a lot of their products reviewed on this site.

Alterative 3D printed miniature for Astra Militarim / Warhammer 40K

Today’s miniature you can find on MyMiniFactory. If you already own British Bulldog miniatures, this cannon from MyMiniFactory fits in perfectly!

British Bulldogs Heavy Weapons Team miniature

Admittedly, the resin used to print this miniature is not as easily photographed as the hard plastic minis beside it. That said, it scales exactly how I want it to, and this figure will be going into one of my Human Defense Force infantry teams. That’s equivalent to Imperial Guard if you play 40K instead of One Page Rules Grimdark Future.

A Few More Pictures

Below are a few more pictures of this model once printed, assembled and tossed on a base.

Another shot of the Heavy Weapon Team

I like that the gunner hops right up on the mount of the gun to fire it.

This 3D printed Model fits in perfectly with Wargames Atlantic's Death Fields British Bulldogs.

Here it is alongside those two other Wargames Atlantic British Bulldog soldiers again. Great sci-fi soldiers for whatever game you play.

A look at the figures together

All the figures appear to function well together. There’s going to be no issues putting this into the same squad as those troops.

Scale comparison - British Bulldogs vs Sci-Fi Ogres. All models are made by Wargames Atlantic.

Out of curiosity, I placed them alongside some Sci-Fi Ogres that I made but still have to review. All four miniatures above are made by Wargames Atlantic.

Wrapping it up…

Overall, this Weapons Team is a great little model for your 3D printer. You could print off multiples to put them into weapon teams of three, but I will be using just this one in one of my infantry squads. There is a little battery pack and connector to the gun, but I didn’t want to bother with that on this model. You will see it if you search for this “Bulldogs Cannon Team” on MyMiniFactory.

Thanks for reading.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!