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Celebrating 50 Posts with Bell of Lost Souls

On top of writing for my own website, Must Contain Minis, I also write for Bell of Lost Souls (BoLS). This weekend, I just published my 50th article with them on their site. How unbelievable is that? It’s actually quite a milestone. 50 guest articles. Wow!

The purpose of this post is to celebrate that milestone. I also want to encourage you to take a look my author page on Bell of Lost Souls, and to let you know that my weekly time slot there is Sunday Mornings.

Between their site and my own, I now have 502 wargaming related posts on the internet (as of August 29, 2019). Wow! One of my goals with this site was to publish 500 wargame articles. If you count the two sites together, I have just surpassed that goal!

While many of the articles there have similar counterparts here, most of the articles are unique in the way I wrote them. Very few of the stories are carbon copies from this website.

My View of the Relationship

One of the primary goals I had when setting up Must Contain Minis was to showcase and demonstrate to people that their are other ways to get your miniatures fix besides GW games. Let’s face it, GW is expensive and you can get into a wide variety of other miniature games for the same price as a few of their models.

The problem is that many people find these other games “obscure.” My goal is to make those games less obscure. I want to get them out in the public and have more people know about these other options. Bell of Lost Souls offers me a great platform to reach more readers. Their readers are also from more of a “mainstream” background than the people that would normally seek out my site.

Most of the people that find MCM on Google or Facebook likely already know about Frostgrave and Bolt Action. This might not always be the case for people visiting from BoLS. In fact, the games may be new to those people or of a side interest. The fact that I generally get over 2,000 page-views (minimum) for my posts at BoLS means that a lot more people are learning and reading about these games that I want to make more popular. Heck, some of my posts even reached over 10,000 page-views for a single post. That is absolutely incredible!!!

It is a win-win relationship. I have been able to provide the people at BoLS with some content that they might not have produced on their own while I advance my own mandate of casting light on alternative games and systems.

Wrapping it up…

As stated above, the goal of this article is to celebrate 50 posts over at Bell of Lost Souls. I hope that you will visit my author page on Bell of Lost Souls and check out my weekly articles there too. Of-course, I also want you still coming back to Must Contain Minis frequently too.  😉

Finally, if you want to check out the sorts of numbers that my top 5 posts on BoLS got last year, check out my countdown article of the 5 top visited posts of 2018 that I wrote for BoLS. The number of visitors that they get to their popular stories is mind-blowing and good for the hobby in general.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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