Osprey Games has been the biggest contributor to Must Contain Minis in terms of Review Products.

Before getting on the list of their reviewers, I was a big fan of Osprey Games to begin with. I owned a number of their products including a large collection of Field of Glory, a number of Blue Covered Wargame Books, Bolt Action, and Frostgrave.

In fact, two of my favourite games are by Osprey Games (Frostgrave and Bolt Action). As such, it just makes sense to review their products.

Osprey Publishing publishes so many wargame books that I find the biggest challenge for consumers is knowing what they are getting into when they buy the product. I hope this website will help readers make sure that the products they buy will meet their expectations.

Oathmark Kingdoms Discussion

Have you been following Oathmark by Osprey Games lately? Lately fans of the game and Osprey have been gearing up for its release, and I am really hoping to see something out in April. Being that Osprey Games has been promoting it so much lately, I figured I would write a quick post on what we know so far about Oathmark Kingdoms.

All of the images in this post are from Osprey Games’ Blog.


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