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Suggested Miniatures Posts for Halloween 2022

In this post, I give you my recommended posts for Halloween 2022. If you are looking for some reading or something to watch, my hope is that this article can entertain you for a while. If you haven’t already subscribed to my YouTube channel, make sure you do so and “Like” some of my videos while you are there. Now, let me share with you a number of posts starting with the video ones followed by the written posts afterwards.

Suggested Halloween Related Miniatures Videos

This video is my newest one. A tutorial on how to paint 28mm miniature skeletons. If the embedded file below does not work, use this link.

A video on how to paint 28mm skeletons by Wargames Atlantic.

A review of Wargame Atlantic Skeletons. The backup link for this video is here.

A review of the skeletons that I painted in the tutorial above.

A review of some Living Dead Peasants miniatures that I painted by Fireforge Games. If the video below does not work, use this link.

A review of Living Dead Peasants by Fireforge Games.

A look at a painted copy of Deep Madness the board game. The direct link to the video is here.

A showcase of some horrific miniatures painted up for the board game Deep Madness.

Next up, I want to showcase a commission painted Cthulhu type worm by Reaper Miniatures. You can also find this video using this link.

A showcase of an extremely well painted Reaper Miniatures Mashaaf.

For last years Halloween post, I mess around with my voice and filmed a video about some Frostgrave Demons. You can see that video here.

In this quick video, I made a Halloween post where I messed around with my audio settings in hopes to sound like a demon.

Recommended Written Posts

Below is a small list of written posts that you may find interesting, and Halloween related, on this site.

Please feel free to click through the above stories to look at some creepy pictures and come on back using your back button to look at the other stories.

Wrapping it up…

Halloween can be a fun and exciting season of the year. Thank you for spending some of your time with me here on this post. If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and don’t forget to visit this site for more content.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!