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Showcase: Flesh Golem by Reaper Miniatures

Fresh off my paint table is this Flesh Golem by Reaper Miniatures. This figure was sculpted by James Van Schaik, a person local to my gaming convention scene. I bought the Bones version of this Flesh Golem through RAFM Miniatures.

I will admit, that I am not a top notch painter, but these pictures will give you an idea of what can be done with the figure by someone okay with painting miniatures to a “tabletop” standard.

The Images

Happy Halloween!!!

This Monster has been sewn together from the strongest and largest parts of the Necromancer’s Enemies. This is one of the few miniatures where I bothered to paint the eyes (if you have tips for painting eyes, please leave them in the comments section of this post).

Happy Halloween!!!

The deep crevices in the muscles on this miniature are great as it allows for a real opportunity to use shading and highlighting techniques.

Happy Halloween!!!

A view of the monster from the side. I might have highlighted the forehead and top of the miniature a little too much. I wanted to make it look like he was being illuminated from a light on the top right of the model through painting techniques. 

Happy Halloween!!!

This final picture is of a higher angle to show off two things. One, my base with snow, rock and static grass added. Two, the shading and highlighting I did to make it look like the light was coming from the top right of the model. That was done by paint, not by the lighting for my photograph.

Wrapping it up…

I plan to use this figure in Frostgrave as one of my Necromancers Golems. He is also large enough to be used as a Zombie Troll in Thaw of the Lich Lord. Outside of Frostgrave, I could imagine him being used in any Zombie related game or RPG.

For those wondering about where I acquired the base, I bought it from the guys at Six Squared Studios. They do great wood bases at very affordable prices. Now, the reaper figure itself does have an integrated base (which is pasted directly onto the wooden base and covered with terrain), but I like to mount all of my figures on bases for wargames.

I hope that my readers have enjoyed this quick showcase.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!