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Reminder: Forgotten Pacts Campaign Ends Tuesday

Today, I would like to give everyone a quick reminder that North Star Military Figures is doing its final push for the Frostgrave: Forgotten Pacts crowdfunding campaign this weekend. It ends Tuesday, November 1 at 10am BST, so be sure to buy in before then if you are interested in the special deals. North Star is throwing in free miniatures for anyone that buys in at Level 2 or higher. These miniatures include the following (all images from North Star’s Forgotten Pacts Nickstarter Page)…

Frostgrave Wizard

The New Forgotten Pacts Wizard.

Frostgrave Apprentice

The New Forgotten Pacts Apprentice.

Frostgrave Tokens

The Forgotten Pacts Treasure Tokens.

Frostgrave Werewolf

The New Forgotten Pacts Werewolf and Severed Head Token.

Frostgrave Failing Wretch

This Miniature is the next free miniature if the campaign reaches 35,000 Pounds. Currently, the funding level is very close to unlocking this miniature.

Backers of this project also get the opportunity to add on the Forgotten Pacts Soldier Bundle. This bundle gets the buyer (at a discount) all 4 of the new metal soldier types and 2 Cultist Captains. People who buy this bundle also get entered into a draw for figure below. This figure is made from parts from a plastic Frostgave Soldier Box, but his head and hood has been hand sculpted, making this a unique model. What a neat way to add something special to a Warband.
Unique Prize by North Star Games
This unique miniature with a custom sculpted head and hood is a draw prize for whomever buys the Forgotten Pacts Soldier Bundle. Pretty Cool.
Be sure to take another look at the campaign this weekend and jump on-board if you are interested. If you live in America, the same Nickstarter deals are available through Brigade Games. For those in Canada that missed the Nickstarter or are only interested in the book, below is a link to Amazon.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!