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Deep Madness Video Showcase – Painted Minis

With Halloween on its way, I wanted share with you a video showcase of painted minis for Deep Madness. These miniatures are all a part of a commission job by Dave for one of his clients. Between the client receiving the miniatures and Dave finishing the paint job, I got to take a number of pictures.

Come check these miniatures out! If the video below does not work, use this link.

A video showcasing painted miniatures for the board game deep madness. This video is a part of my 2022 Halloween celebrations.

If you liked the video, check out more of Dave’s work.

More of Dave’s Work

Dave has a painter’s showcase here on MCM. On top of that, many of the images in the above video appeared in earlier posts. Here are the posts on my site all related to Deep Madness.

Please feel free to check those out. The Rolling Around With My Brain in My Lap miniature didn’t make it into the video because I lost the source file, but it is well worth a look at the written post.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for checking out my latest YouTube video. It is something a little gory for the spirit of Halloween. If you liked the Deep Madness video, please be sure to also subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!