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Deep Madness Miniature Showcase – Jacob

Here is a mini that I am not 100% sure on, but it looks to me like Jacob from Deep Madness the boardgame. Dave Lamers painted this figure up as part of a commission project for a client. Looks great to me and thank you Dave for allowing me to photograph your work for Must Contain Minis.

You can find the Kickstarter page here.

For a boardgame, this miniature looks amazing!
Here is a high angle of the shot before showing the rest of the mini.
Jacob from Deep Madness the boardgame
It is pretty much a diorama.
Overall, an extremely nice (and well painted miniature).
But is a boardgame piece.
A strange creature is with the figure
We are going to go all the way around this mini for this quick showcase article.
Notice the background is a different colour than the main focus of the mini.
I like how the background figure is all purple, but Jacob is in full colour.
Is that a board game miniature or a diorama
What a great looking mini!!!
Jacob from Deep Madness
Wow! For a boardgame miniature, this is fantastic!!!

Wrapping it up…

When I saw this miniature, I was amazed. For a boardgame miniature, it is fantastic. It is basically a diorama that you game with. On top of that, it looks stunning. Dave did a great job on this one. I am sure his client will be impressed.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!