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A Fistful of Kung Fu Article and Detail Round Up for 2016 Convention Game

As many of my readers will know, I have been writing a series of articles reviewing the figures that I will be using for Saturday’s A Fistful of Kung Fu at Broadsword 2 (in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada). I am really looking forward to this game and hope that I do the rules justice in providing a fun experience for everyone at my table.

The scenario I wrote has multiple objectives for the gangs. The Cthulhu related gangs must remove a heavy object from the middle of the table as a team in the allotted time to win. To get a decisive victory, they must also complete their secondary objective. Each Gang has an objective directly related to the faction that they are partnered against.

As determined earlier, there will be a total of 6 Gangs. Below are pictures of their Protagonists and with whom they are paired against. Each gang is roughly 300 points.

This Protagonist is low in points but has a competent team behind him. Across the board, these guys are a little better at hand-to-hand than the other gangs and all carry handcuffs. There is one exception and that is a very “shooty” vigilante that has teamed up with the police.
Jill Lucas - RAFM Cult Leader Miniature
This Protagonist is paired against the cop above. Her followers have Backstabbing and most carry guns. She is a master of magic and comes with plenty of spells and the ability to sacrifice her followers to power her dark magic.
The Man - RAFM SWAT Team Leader
This Protagonist Carries an Automatic Rifle and everyone in his unit carries an automatic weapon – save for the Sniper, who is just really good at hitting things. This force is geared for ranged attacks, but when the time comes, the boss can lead his troops well into melee.
Cthulhu related
The SWAT Team is paired against the Deep Ones. I still have to figure out the stats for these guys, but I plan on them taking a Mob Army approach with plenty of Extras to bring to the fight.
Goose by RAFM Miniatures
This guy is actually fighting for the good guys today. He is an “Outlander” or could just be considered a “Ganger” and he has already encountered the Tiik Warrior in the past. Either he, or the Tiik, will be out for revenge in this game. His men are well armed, but all suffer from the desire to loot bodies that they kill in hand-to-hand fighting.
Cthulhu related
This Monster leads a Gang of 3 and is paired against the Gang of “Outlanders.” He and his two partners are all comprised of more points than the standard maximums allow, which should make him a gruesome beast to fight! No group has better melee fighting abilities than this group.

This should be a fun game and I am looking forward to hosting the table. In lead up to this event, I reviewed all of the models I own for each faction. I also wrote a few general posts about the planning process. Below is a link list of those articles.

I hope to see a good turn out at Broadsword 2. If you see me there, feel free to give me a shout out and say “hi.” After the event, I will likely do a battle report and then shift my focus to a different game.