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More Deep Madness Minis

In this post, we don’t look at just one Deep Madness miniature, but rather a small set of them. Like the others in this series of posts, Dave Lamers painted them up.

Now, let’s take a quick look.

The Green Minis of Today’s Post

An evil brain sucking alien bug
This one reminds me of something out of Starship Troopers. Absolutely horrific.
A man eating plant miniature
Creepy figure. very interesting for a boardgame mini.
Deep Madness Painted Minis - Green Worm
I really like this one.
A Green Worm miniature
Another angle of the same miniature.
Deep Madness Painted Miniatures
So cool!
the back of the figure
Dave speed painted these minis for a commission project.
An ugly evil octopus
Even though they are speed painted, they look amazing to me. Imagine showing these minis off while playing the game Deep Madness. His client sure is lucky!

Some Grey Minis from Deep Madness

Not to be outdone, the grey coloured minis also came out extremely well. Here are a couple of samples.

A very disturbing demon miniature
If I saw this, I would run! Terrifying!
Again, great for a speed painted mini.
Deep Madness Painted Minis - Demon
This last mini is even more horrific.
horrific Deep Madness Painted Miniatures
I find this one absolutely grotesque. Sorry Dave. Although well painted, the sculpt just grosses me out. Terrifying!

Wrapping it up…

The point of today’s post was just to quickly show you more Deep Madness Painted Minis. Special thanks goes out to Dave for allowing me to photograph his work and his client for buying the game.

This game is going to look amazing on the tabletop!

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!