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Frostgrave Demons and The Red King

I am a huge fan of North Star Military Figures and Osprey Games. There is no secret about that. I love their miniatures. I love their games. In this post, I share with you pictures of the brand new Frostgrave Demons that I dug up from Facebook. All of the images in this post originate from North Star Military Figures.

I found pictures of the new plastic Frostgrave Demons and their sprues, and just had to share them! I also found some images of the other figures available with the new Frostgrave book, The Red King. The books and miniatures release this December 10th (2020), so they are about to hit the market really soon!

Now, let’s get into it.

The Frostgrave Demons

Lo and behold the new plastic Frostgrave Demons.

The box art for the Frostgrave Demons plastic miniatures.
The box art of the new Frostgrave Demons.
A 360 look at one of the miniatures
A sample of one of the minis that you could build. This guy is armed to the teeth.
Frostgrave Demons painted and nicely photographed by Kev Dallimore.
A sampling of five painted minis They look really neat.

The Sprue

Seeing the sprue of a miniature set really helps you know what to expect from the product. Below we have exactly that. Let’s look at the front and back sides to the plastic frames on which these minis come.

Frostgrave Demons Sprue
A look at the front of the sprue.
Frostgrave Demons Plastic Frame. 20 multipart hard plastic 28mm miniatures.
And their backs.

The amount of armour on these miniatures is incredible. They are so heavily armoured that they could easily rival your Frostgrave Knights. Doing a quick count, you should get four of these frames plus bases in each box set of miniatures.

Just looking at these frames and I am already imagining a variety of ways in which you could build these minis. They look pretty cool on the sprue.

What do you think?

The Red King

I don’t know too much about The Red King yet. It is the first supplement to Frostgrave Second Edition. That said, all of the previous supplements from first edition are also compatible with Frostgrave Second Edition.

Fires rage throughout the Frozen City as an inhuman army pours out of the cracks between realities. In the distant past, a cabal of city elders sought to save their lives by making a pact with a demon prince… and now the Red King has come to collect what he is owed, claiming Frostgrave as his own. Many have already fled before the Red King’s demonic hordes, while others seek to weather the storm, turning their bases into makeshift fortresses. The wizards of Frostgrave must choose – do they stand and fight, or do they abandon this great repository of mystical knowledge to the ravages of unearthly fire?

The Red King is the first supplement designed for Frostgrave: Second Edition. In this sprawling, epic campaign, wizards will be pushed to their limits, fighting not only against one another and the perils of the Frozen City, but also against an invading army. As the Red King’s power grows, the laws of magic and nature will start to bend. Can the wizards put aside their differences long enough to oppose this common foe, or will greed and mistrust doom them all?

Quote from Osprey Games Website Page for The Red King.

My Thoughts on The Quote

To me, that sounds like a continuation of the Forgotten Pacts Campaign Story. Of course, I would imagine that this supplement stands on its own too. I haven’t got my hands on this book yet, so my thoughts on it are just conjecture at this point.

The artwork on The Red King cover. I got to say that I love the art in books by Osprey Games.

A cooperative aspect to the title – intriguing. I wonder how the line “Can the wizards put aside their differences long enough to oppose this common foe, or will greed and mistrust doom them all?” will play into things.

I think it will be really interesting to see how the Frostgrave universe will continue to grow in second edition.

Even More Miniatures

If you head to North Star Military Figures, you will find that you can get more miniatures than just these plastic ones for The Red King. Below is an image from the current bundle deal from North Star to get the new minis with the plastic demons.

A look at some of the minis you can get for the new “The Red King” Frostgrave expansion.

Recently North Star shared a picture of some of those new metal minis painted. Here are the Red King’s Key Masters.

My, what scary claws you have!
How do you even see when you have horns growing out of your eyes. Guess it doesn’t matter when you are a demon!

Overall, those are some neat minis. You have to hand it to North Star and Osprey. They do great work together.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in this preview article of the Frostgrave Demons Miniatures by North Star Military Figures and Osprey Games. These 28mm figures are looking pretty devilish and I really like how the Frostgrave world continues to grow.

If you haven’t checked it out, head over to North Star Military Figures to check out all of the new miniatures related to this release and their prices.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

Some of the Frostgrave Demons in front of some terrain. That shield on the right side of the picture is something serious for sure!

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