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Top 5 Posts of February 2019

In today’s post, we look at the top 5 most visited posts on Must Contain Minis for February 2019.

My top post had nearly 1000 page-views in 16 days. That is pretty significant for a site about alternative miniature gaming systems (non-GW). In fact, it has been a fairly good month overall with over 12,400 page-views. Every year those numbers keep going up and I can’t be happier. It is a sign that the website is doing well.  🙂

This month, stories about HobbyZone, Osprey Games, North Star Military Figures and Firelock Games all made the list. Now, let’s take a look at those popular posts.

Number Five

Number Five in today’s list is my post about the pre-order sale for the Frostgrave Wizards put out by Osprey Games and North Star Military Figures. These look like some pretty cool models. As an interesting side note, I talk a little bit in the post about The Wizards’ Conclave and the Frostgrave game scenario that I will be demoing at three upcoming conventions are in that very book.

Frostgrave Box Art for Plastic Wizards
Our post about this exciting new Wizard set made it to our fifth place for most visited post of the month.

Number Four

Number four on this month’s list was number one on last month’s list. That article is our one about the four plastic Oathmark sets currently available. Like the Frostgrave Miniatures, these sets are the result of a collaboration between Osprey Games and North Star Military Figures. The two companies do good work together.  As a note, I actually wrote this article back in September of 2018. It is very cool that it keeps popping up in my Top 5 visited lists. I am really looking forward to seeing the Oathmark Rules whenever they come out.

Our September (2018) post about Oathmark keeps making our “Top 5 Most Visited” lists. Of the sets in the collection, both the Humans and Dwarfs are on my wish lists.

Number Three

Our number three article for the month was the news of Trey Parker playing Blood & Plunder with Adrien Beard. In two days, this article received almost 400 page-views and I did not promote it that hard. I posted the almost the same article (with very differences) on Bell of Lost Souls, and that post saw over 6,200 page-views in just two days. That is a lot of views for an interesting and quick read. Overall, people spent a lot of time looking over this article too, which as a Content Creator – I love.

Trey Parker Plays Blood & Plunder - A Miniatures Game
Here we have a picture sent to me by Firelock Games of a couple of the South Park guys playing Blood and Plunder. How cool is that!!!

Being that I published this article late in the month, it will be interesting to see if it makes next month’s countdown too.

Number Two

My Battle Report and First Impressions Article of Patriots and Rebels by Osprey Games took second place for most popular articles this month. I am very happy that this post made the list. Battle Reports are a lot of work to create so it feels good that this article saw over 500 page-views. The game itself is very popular and I hope to be posting a full review of it soon. In fact, this title is doing so well that according to on of its authors, Osprey is considering a second printing within a month of its release date. How cool is that?

Battle Report and Review of Rebels and Patriots by Osprey Games
My Rebels and Patriots post took second place for most visited posts this month with over 500 page-views.

Number One

Our top post of the month is about a product I am very happy to have. That product is my HobbyZone Modular Workshop System. That post saw 950 page-views in just 16 days and continues to prove popular. The Workshop System is both beautiful and elegant. If you haven’t checked out my planning and review article, be sure to take a look.

Review and Planning What HobbyZone Modules to Buy
This modular workshop organization system by HobbyZone is absolutely awesome. My planning article (and review) of the system placed number one as our most popular post of the month.

Wrapping it up…

This concludes my look at the top 5 most popular posts on Must Contain Minis for February of 2019. Did your favourite posts make the list?

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!


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