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Must Contain Minis is always looking for help to make the best website that we can. Most specifically, we are looking for products to review and use in our website articles. If you run a small business or company related to miniatures, we want to hear from you. You can sponsor our site through sending your miniatures, rule sets or other wargaming related items.

We get particular enjoyment out of promoting games outside of the big ones carried at most FLGS.

Hopefully, we can work out a mutually beneficial relationship.

What we can offer…

Must Contain Minis currently sees roughly 8,000 to 12,000 pageviews per month. In addition to writing for Must Contain Minis, I also write for Bell of Lost Souls about Historical Wargaming, Indy Wargaming, and Osprey Game Related Products. If you send us physical products, I we will write about you on Must Contain Minis. If the product fits, you might also receive coverage from me on Bell of Lost Souls.

On top of writing about you on Must Contain Minis, we will also encourage people to visit those articles through our social media channels.

To sweeten the pot even more, we can create a section specific to your company under our “Sponsors” menu. This menu heading will collect all of the posts that are either directly related to your company (or have your product placed in the story). That way, you can easily show your customers a link that showcases your products. The list is organized in from top to bottom in terms of the value of support given by that company.

So far, that support has come only in the way of products for review.

Our Statistics…

Website Statistics

Since this website started on May 19, 2016, it has seen a tremendous response from the gaming community in general. Considering the age of Must Contain Minis, its pageview count is doing very well. We generally see 9,000 to 13,000 pageviews a month. Our recent traffic statistics are as follows…

Google Analytics – August 2019

12,632 Pageviews from 7,239 unique users.

Social Media

We also fairly active on our social media pages. As of September 6, 2019, we have…

Products of Interest

If you are a business with a product that you would like to have reviewed or featured on Must Contain Minis, please get in touch with me by email at or by messaging Must Contain Minis on Facebook.

Items of particular interest include…

  • Skirmish Level Games.
  • Terrain for 28mm gaming.
  • Miniatures (preferably in 28 or 32mm).
  • Wargame and Hobby Accessories.
  • Items that could be used for a variety of games (especially Bolt Action or Frostgrave).
  • Board Games (but all Most Board Games “Must Contain Minis”).
  • Local Events (Southern and South Western Ontario – Canada).

Reviews and Posts

If we receive product, we will cover your company in some way. The goal is always a review, but we may end up showcasing your product instead or using it in Battle Reports too.

I like to keep a positive tone in what I write, but I also strive to keep the reviews honest. We don’t assign numeric values (or scores) to the products, but rather present the reader with what the product is and give my opinion on the product. I will also try to list the positive items about the item while giving some criticisms too. If the review is for a miniature or set of miniatures, I will provide a scale comparison to other models if I have them available.


We plan to bring out affordable advertising in the form of 300 by 250 pixel ads that can be placed on the sidebar of our site.

Right now, we offer those ads for free to Ontario based gaming conventions and for select Sponsor companies.

If you are interested in exploring these services, please email me privately at

Perhaps you would like us to help promote your Kickstarter (or Game Launch) through Interviews, Sponsored Posts or just plain old Banner Ads. We could do that too.

Let me know what you are after and maybe we can work something out.

A Reminder for those not in the Industry…

For those that don’t own a gaming company, but still want to help support Must Contain Minis, we have affiliate links to Amazon, the Wargame Vault and If you click on links to either of those sites from this one and buy a product, Must Contain Minis will get a small portion of the sale.

Visit my Facebook Page to Give it a Like and Send me a Message.


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