You are currently viewing The Amazing Siegebreaker Behemoth for Conquest: The Spires Mean Business with this Model!!!

The Amazing Siegebreaker Behemoth for Conquest: The Spires Mean Business with this Model!!!

The miniatures of Conquest by Para Bellum Games keep getting better and better! Check out the new Siegebreaker Behemoth.

The Spires addition is massive!

Recently I got my hands on this model, and it is awesome! This massive model looks fantastic and it’s east to assemble. Let’s take a look

Unboxing the Siegebreaker Behemoth

For those of you who prefer pictures and text over video, I’ve got you covered, too! This big box comes with a great looking and easy to build miniature.

Siegebreaker Behemoth Review

As you can see, there is a good amount of plastic in this box. The sprues themselves are chunky, too!

Inside the box

Some parts to make the tail…

Sprue 1

Parts to make the body…

Sprue 2

Parts to finish off the tail and make the claws…

Sprue 3

In addition to the model, there is also a round base glue the model into, a square movement tray and the typical game related card too.

Assembling the Siegebreaker Behemoth – A Very Easy Build

Assembling this model was super easy. It is one of the simpler models put out by Para Bellum Games.

Building the Siegebreaker behemoth for Conquest by Para Bellum Games

The instructions come in the box and are easy to follow.

Building the model

For the body, I felt compelled to hold it together while the plastic cement dried to ensure a proper fit.

The tail and body

The body and tail went together very well with no issues at all.

Prepping to glue in the arms

Here, you can see the two holes where the arms plug into. Check out the size of this model compared to my hand!

The arms

Getting this arm to stay in the two holes while the glue dried was not as easy as building the rest of the model.

Making the arm stick in place - tip for building the siegebreaker behemoth for Conquest

I actually had to prop up these arms while the glue dried.

The Completed Model

The completed model simply looks cool! I really enjoyed building this miniature.

The finished model
The back

Scale Comparison

Below are a couple of quick scale comparison pictures of this model versus some others.

Parabellum games Conquest Scale comparison of giants

Left to right, we have the City State Promethean, The Siegebreaker Behemoth, and the W’Adrhun Tontor.

Siegebreaker behemoth vs Obann by WizKids

Here we have the Siegebreaker Behemoth vs Obann the Punished by WizKids.

Where To Go Next – Buying into the Spires of Conquest

If the Siegebreaker Behemoth inspires you to build a Spire’s force, make sure to also buy a Lineage Highborne and a set of Avatara miniatures. You need these figures in order to field this beast in Conquest.

If you look at the brand-new Spires starter army, these miniatures come in there. This means getting that starter set is a good way to get the models needed to field this Behemoth miniature.

Spires 2024 Starter Army Box Set

For more about how to build out a Conquest force to field this Monster, check out that video I shared earlier in the article.

Oh yes, if you buy direct from Para Bellum Games, you can save 10% off of your first purchase from them with the coupon code, MCM. If you buy from them using that code, a small portion of the purchase fee goes back to MCM as a commission. It is a way to get yourself something nice while helping out this website.

If you want some more information about the Spires, check out these quick posts below!

Now, let’s quick bring this article to a close.

Wrapping it up…

Conquest miniatures by Para Bellum keep getting better, and this Siegebreaker Behemoth was a lot of fun to build. Today, I wanted to share my review of that miniature.

If you ever considered collecting Spires for Conquest by Para Bellum Games, then this is a really cool miniature for that force. I recommend this kit as an easy to build and astatically pleasing choice. If you want to know how it plays, I go over that in the earlier video, too!

Until next time, Happy Gaming, Everyone!!!