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More Game Tables at Broadsword 7

I absolutely love going to game conventions and checking out the various tables of many talented people. Now, I could not attend Broadsword 7, but Lee from Crucible Crush sent along some pictures for this site. Thank you Lee for that.

In this post, we take a look at the remaining pictures sent our way. Lee didn’t get every table, but he got a good number of them.

Blood & Plunder

At Broadsword 3 Tom Pace and Sean Martin introduced me to Blood & Plunder. This beautiful game made an appearance again at Broadsword 7 where Tom introduced more players to the ships of the sea.

Below is the description of the game from the Broadsword Facebook Page.

Blood and Plunder – No Peace Beyond the Line
Piet Heyn sailing his dutch fluyts to capture galleons, the Spanish Treasure Fleet! Featuring the latest ships and models from Firelock Games from their second successful Kickstarter, No Peace Beyond the Line.
Tom Pace – Up to 6 players

And the pictures…

A Bark in Battle - Blood & Plunder
Blood and Plunder is simply a beautiful looking game. I don’t think I have ever seen a prettier game on the table.
Blood & Plunder Land Battle
Some Blood & Plunder Battles on land.

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Age of Reason

Now, I have not yet tried Age of Reason, but I am told that the table below was ran by Michael Manning at Broadsword 7. The table looked great.

Age of Might
I think this table is Age of Reason.

Charlie Company – 28mm

Dave McKay was up to it again with Charlie Company. I’ve played this system twice (once at Broadsword 5 and once at Lords of the North). Both times I enjoyed the game.

Charlie Company – 28mm Vietnam
Operation Phoenix, a CIA agent has a mission for you… assault a VC headquarters and capture as many officers as possible. “Neutralize” all other combatants.
Dave McKay – Up to 4 Players

Charlie Company by RAFM / Crucible Crush in 28mm
Some American troops move forward in Charlie Company.
Charlie Company
Cautious Movement to avoid the enemy.
4 Ground Vietnam Terrain.
I believe that this piece by 4Ground was also a part of the Charlie Company game. Beautiful Terrain piece. That is the Pearl River Trading Post.

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Pulp Alley

Pulp Alley is a game I don’t know too much about, but I see often at the Crucible Crush and Pulp Figures booths at shows that I attend. I will have to give the game a try sometime.  🙂

Lost World – Pulp Alley
The discovery of a lost city deep in the jungle has attracted the attention of many factions seeking to profit by retrieving unknown treasures.
Dan Abbott – Up to 6 players

Pulp Alley

Pulp Alley Miniatures Game
Pulp Alley

If you are interested in checking out Pulp Alley, you can buy it from The Wargame Vault or Crucible Crush.

More in Depth Broadsword 7 Posts

As a reminder, we did publish a few articles specific to some of the games played at Broadsword 7. You can find links to those articles by clicking on the pictures below.

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A post about the fantastic value of Gaslands with pictures from Broadsword 7.
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A review of the Chain of Command System based off of a few demo games as well as a number of pictures of the game in play at Broadsword 7.

Wrapping it up…

Broadsword has fast become one of my favourite gaming conventions. The Hamilton Tabletop Gaming Society is the community behind this fantastic event. These guys really have it figured out on how to build up a gaming community. A huge shout out goes to Barnaby Ore of the group as he does a ton of work behind the scenes and to Lee Van Schaik of Crucible Crush for sending MCM these pictures to use in our posts.

Hope you enjoyed this quick post.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!


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