Frostgrave Cultists

Frostgrave Cultists

Today’s post is about my Cultists in progress for Frostgrave

If you read my post about my Frostgrave Dwarfs, you will know that this is the Warband that I hope to take to the Lords of War Campaign day.

These figures are the official ones by North Star Military Figures with the addition of an undead pack by Mantic Games and two figures by Reaper Miniatures. For this project, I have 29 miniatures on the go at various stages of the process.

Update: These miniatures are now complete. Feel free to check out the review of these figures

Below is a picture of my special characters along with some undead figures. I am happy with how they have turned out, but they are not done yet. They are shaded, but I still have to go back and do highlighting and clean up work.



The next group has been base coated, but not yet shaded. The wraith still needs more colours.
Figures by North Star Military Figures

This next miniature is super cool. He is actually a Cave Sloth by Reaper Miniatures, but – in Frostgrave – I will use him as a monstrous bear. This mini will look awesome painted up in winter colours.



Figure by Reaper Ministures

Finally, below is a picture of one of my 6 objective markers – cast by  RAFM. It still needs to be highlighted.


Miniature by RAFM
Check back here for future posts about Frostgrave. I will do a blog about the completed cultists’ warband once I get them all done.

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