Mother of Dragons – Painter Interview

In my last post, I took a nice and close look at a well painted Mother of Dragons Bust by Nutsplanet. Today, I share a quick electronic interview with the painter of the model, Johnathan Ho. He goes on Instagram as SirJohnTheHo if you want to follow his work. On that account, he posts as much work as he can about his miniatures. He paints both miniature armies and showcase type pieces. He tends to post more of the larger figures to Instagram. The reason for this is that he spends more effort on the larger figures and busts than his armies.

Without further ado, let’s get into the discussion with Johnathan about his Mother of Dragons Bust from Sword and Brush 2019.


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Mother of Dragons by Nutsplanet
Mother of Dragons by Nutsplanet. Painted by Johnathan Ho. Link.

Mother of Dragons by Nutsplanet

While at Sword and Brush 2019, I took a number of pictures from their Painting Competition. I am guessing that they had a couple hundred entries and in this series…

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Hannibal Barca by Nutsplanet

This post takes a look at another miniature from the Sword and Brush 2019 painting competition. This time, I showcase a Bust of Hannibal Barca by Nutsplanet. Chris Slye, of Lords of War painted this one up for the contest. In this post, I showoff the model, talk a bit about Nutsplanet, and publish a question and answer discussion with the painter of this model, Chris Slye.


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Dragon Huntress by Black Sun Miniatures

In this post, I carry on with my showcase of miniatures from the Sword and Brush 2019 Painting Competition. This time, I showoff a Dragon Huntress as painted by Ramy Tawil. Black Sun Miniatures from the United Kingdom sells this 75mm miniature. Now, let’s take a closer look.


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Lest We Forget

Once a year, we take a moment to honour our veterans and the sacrifices they made. In Canada, we call the day that we do that Remembrance Day. The same is true with many of the other Commonwealth Countries. America’s Veterans Day and Poland’s Independence Day also take place on the same day as Canada’s Remembrance Day. All are tied to the end of the first World War. Other countries have similar days to honour their soldiers, but not all are the same as those listed above.


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