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The Wargame Vault and DriveThruRPG

One of the questions that I get from my readers is how to support this website. The main form of support that I currently receive is from the participation of gaming companies that send products for review. If you have a Miniatures Gaming related business and are interested in helping in that way, please see the details on my Sponsorship Opportunities page.

For others, I am looking into other methods for your help. Patreon is a current favourite, but I want to spend more time researching and planning before jumping into that. For now, I have affiliate relationships with both the Wargame Vault and DriveThruRPG. That means that if you click on one of the links to their sites from Must Contain Minis and make a purchase, Must Contain Minis receives a portion of that transaction.

While my primary focus is on Miniatures Games, my background in Role Playing Games is actually deeper than my experience with Miniatures. I was pleasantly surprised when I contacted DriveThruRPG to find that one of my gaming friends from roughly 13 years ago is now my contact at that company. What a small world!!!

When I played RPGs, I always liked to use miniatures or counters to represent the heroes and foes on the table. In fact, I bought the first edition of Descent (the board game) specifically so I could use the miniatures for a game of Dungeons and Dragons for which I was the Dungeon Master.

I Dungeon Mastered (or Game Mastered) a number of games (and played in even more) and am considering writing about some of my best experiences on this website. Just as I now read Wargame Rulebooks for pleasure, I used to read a ton of RPG books just as a hobby (regardless of whether I actually played the game). Please feel free to let me know if you would be interested in articles of that nature on Must Contain Minis either by email or in the comments section of this page.

To take better advantage of this relationship with DriveThruRPG and the Wargame Vault, I went back and added affiliate links to reviews of products carried by either of those two sites. These reviews include…

Both DriveThruRPG and the Wargame Vault offer thousands of titles and I will post up some of my recommendations from time to time.

While DriveThruRPG sells a number of Miniatures Game titles (in addition to RPGs), the Wargame Vault specializes in Miniature Wargames. Their current best seller is Basic Impetus 2 by Dadi & Piombo. Admittedly, I do not know much about this game – but it is a game that I have seen people enjoy in the past.

Until Next Time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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