North Star Military Figures is a company that I love because of their involvement with Osprey Games. They make the miniatures for Frostgrave and many other cool games. They also are the European distributors for many cool companies like Cigar Box Battle Mats and Crucible Crush.

I backed a number of their Nickstarter Projects and actually find shipping from them to Canada cheaper than shipping from a number of American Companies.

As far as supporting Must Contain Minis, they sent us a handful of demon miniatures for our Wargames table at Hotlead 2017 and Broadsword 3.

This is one of the many companies that we watch closely as we love the miniatures and games that North Star Military Figures carries.

Frostgrave Nickstarter – An Inside Scoop!!!!

This morning, I opened up my email to some really exciting news. Before North Star Military Figures releases its information to the public, I got an inside scoop on what will come…

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Forgotten Pacts “NickStarter” Starts Monday!!!

One product that I have been excited about for a while is the addition of Barbarian Clans to Frostgrave. North Star Military Figures has been promoting this lately on their…

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