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Wargames Atlantic 28mm Halfling Militia – My Review

If you are looking for value in hard plastic miniatures, no company fills that void better right now than Wargames Atlantic. I’ve been taking some time recently to build some of their miniatures and in this post, I review their Halfling Militia box set. For those wondering, these minis are scaled for 28mm gaming making them good for proxy Warhammer miniatures and all sorts of other games too.

This box comes with 40 miniatures across 8 sprues. All of the sprues are identical.

The Sprues - You get 8 in this box set
This box comes with 8 sprues giving you 40 Halfling Militia Miniatures for your wargaming armies.

Before taking a closer look at those sprues, let me show you the box art.

The Halfling Militia Box Art

The boxes are right inline with what you would expect from Wargames Atlantic.

Wargames Atlantic Halfling Militia Review
Here we have the front of the box. 40 miniatures in there!!!
The back of the box
And here we have the back. It includes a nice description, but doesn’t tell you how much of each weapon to expect. I will tell you what types of soldiers this box set can make later in this review.

Moving on, let’s examine that sprue.

Wargames Atlantic Halfling Militia Sprue

As mentioned earlier, you get 8 plastic frames in this box set to make 40 miniatures.

Wargames Atlantic Halfling Militia Sprue - Front
Here we have the front of the sprue. Notice for weapon options that there are Halberds, Pikes, Bows, Slings and one short sword or dagger. Makes sense to me. The Halflings don’t have a size advantage, so they had to adopt to fighting with weapons that give them better reach.
Wargames Atlantic Halfling Militia Sprue - Rear
Here is the back of the sprue.

What Can You Make with This Box?

Looking at the sprues you get the following on each sprue…

  • 5 Bodies
  • 2 Pikes
  • 2 Helbreds
  • 2 Bows
  • 2 Slings
  • 1 Short Sword or Dagger
  • 1 Small Shield or Buckler
  • Another Dagger in a sheath
  • A frying pan and a chicken

From the 40 miniatures made from 8 sprues in the box, you will be able to build up to the following numbers of each soldier type.

  • 40 Bodies
  • 16 Pikemen
  • 16 Halberdiers
  • 16 Archers
  • 16 Slingers

There are a few other options too such as a horn for a musician and tons of heads!

What was it like building the Halfling Militia 28mm miniatures?

Building these figures was so simple. They are certainly on the easier side of miniature building complexity. This is perfect for anyone who wants to build ranks of these soldiers quickly.

Building the miniatures was so easy!!!
A quick look at my table as I built a group of 6 sample models.

The only heads up that I would give you about this kit is that the arrows are a little thing, so be careful cutting around them. I accidently cut one in half.

I accidently cut this part in half. Be careful how you cut.
I accidently cut that arrow in half. It happens. I just used an arm without an arrow to complete the mini.

Here are how the completed minis looked.

My Built Halfling Militia Miniatures

For this project I built a sprues worth of figures to see how they would look. A friend of mine wanted this set for a SAGA: Age of Fantasy army, so I didn’t make them all. Instead, I kept these five and gave the 35 remaining figures to him.

Take a look at these miniatures.

28mm Halfling Militia miniatures for fantasy gaming
A group of four. Two slingers on the left, a pikeman with a dagger beside that and a halberdier on the right end.
A small sized robin hood type mini
This one I did up in a Robin Hood fashion to represent a ranger or scout.
Robin Hood
The back of the figure.
An amazing 28mm Halfling Halberdier miniature by Wargames Atlantic
I really like the look of the halberdier that I made.
A halberdier miniature
The back of the figure.
Halfling Slinger by Wargames Atlantic
A Halfling Slinger. Great emotion captured in that face.
A halfling slinger
The second slinger.
A pikeman with a sword
The Pikeman that I armed with a short sword. I figured that might be a better look than a lone pikeman if I use this miniature for any skirmish games like Frostgrave.

Overall, some great looking minis and I hope that my friend gets some good use out of the remaining figures for his SAGA army.

Scale Comparison Images – Wargames Atlantic vs Other Companies

These miniatures are intended for 28mm gaming which puts them inline for all sorts of games from Warhammer Fantasy, to SAGA Fantasy and Frostgrave too. Other systems could benefit from the minis too. You are only limited by your imagination. Now, let’s see how they compare vs other brands of miniatures.

Wargames Atlantic Halflings vs Oathmark Elves
Here a Halfling (right side) is along side an Oathmark Elf miniature by North Star Military Figures.
Wargames Atlantic Halflings vs Frostgrave Barbarians
In the middle, I place a Frostgrave Barbarian so you can see how they compare in scale.
Scale Comparison. Different Wargames Atlantic miniatures vs Age of Sigmar.
All the minis except the Stormcast Eternal are by Wargames Atlantic in the above picture. Left to right…. Irish Warrior, Halfling Militia, Conquistador, Halfling Militia, Games Workshop Stormcast Eternal, Halfling Militia.

Wrapping it up…

As with all of the Wargames Atlantic kits to date, I enjoyed building these miniatures. They are quick and simple and have a nice look to them too. If you are looking for a way to add large numbers to a Halfling army, look these figures up.

Perhaps you just want a few to make a group of friends in search of adventure. That works too.

If you want to get these figures, check out your favourite retailer or head straight to the Wargames Atlantic Website. Here is a link to the Halflings. The company gives price breaks to anyone buying these figures in sets of 3 or more at a time.

A Stormcast Enteral alongside a bunch of halflings
A group of Halfling Adventurers escort a Stormcast Eternal.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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