You are currently viewing TTCombat Cargo Ship Review – Great Terrain at an Amazing Price!!!

TTCombat Cargo Ship Review – Great Terrain at an Amazing Price!!!

I don’t know if you have heard of TTCombat, but this company specializes in making MDF Terrain at fantastic prices. On top of that, they have their own miniatures games too (like Carnevale and Rumbleslam), but in this post I review their Cargo Ship from the City Streets line of Tabletop Scenics.

Specifically, I review their Cargo Ship with the expansion to make it even longer. Without the expansion, this ship is a little over a-foot-and-a-half in length. With it, this ship comes out to roughly two-and-a-half feet of length. That’s huge!!! You can also buy the contents of these two sets together in their  MSV Ironsides kit.

TTCombat Cargo Ship with the Cargo Ship Expansion - MDF 28mm Terrain Product Review
These two kits combine to make an even larger ship. So much fun!

I bought these two MDF Terrain Kits through Cardboard Dungeon Games which offer amazing prices on TTCombat products in North America. Their prices are in Canadian Dollars, so American Dollars will go even further there. The Cargo Ship Kit there is just $21.95 CAD, which is roughly $16.50 USD with today’s exchange rate. If you buy direct from TTCombat, MSV Ironsides (which is the full-sized extended ship) runs for roughly $35 USD after conversion. For that price, this kit is worth it!!!

Anyone looking for a value brand of MDF Terrain, be sure to check out TTCombat.

Let’s take a closer look at the ship.

Building the TTCombat Cargo Ship

The thing about TTCombat is that they are affordable. This kit, like some of the other ones I built by this company, needs trimming and cleaning as you go to make all the pieces fit.

The kit spread across the table
Spreading out the MDF sprues to see what I have.

You can see in the image below that I used a file to help clean and fit the pieces together. Despite the need to trim a few of the pieces as I went along to make the model fit together, I have seen no equivalent model near the same price as this one. If you are looking to build a table full of terrain without breaking the bank, TTCombat is the first place I look.

Some parts needed some light modification to make them fit together properly.
Building the nose of the ship.

To hold MDF pieces together as the wood glue dries, I use elastic bands. Works great.

I used elastic bands to hold the pieces while the glue dries.
I use rubber bands to hold the model together as the wood glue dries.

The instructions on how to build the kits are freely available on the product pages of the TTCombat website. I actually went there and looked at those directions before purchasing the ship to build. I wanted to make sure it would be a project that interested me.

building the cab of the ship
I used my iPad to view the directions as I built the model. The instructions are freely available and I checked out the directions before I bought the kit to make sure it would be a project that interests me.

I just like to build things, and this kit gave me that satisfaction.

The door off its hinges. White glue helped this
Despite knowing what I was doing due to the directions, I still made some small mistakes. Here I accidently cut off the door when I wanted to leave it firmly attached to the model. It is set up so you can cut it off or leave it. Some wood glue allowed me to place the door back where it belongs.

The doors can come off if you want. I took it off by accident. Didn’t mean to do that, but some wood glue had it hanging back in place in no time.

continuing the build
Got the door back in place.
Building the TTCombat Cargo Ship - A quick review
At this point you would attach the nose of the ship if you were building the normal kit. I bought the Cargo Ship Extension that goes with it, so I am giving a look over the directions for the expansion before carrying on the project.

Here things are going well, and I was investigating the directions to the Cargo Ship Extension before I actually opened the package.

Reviewing the TTCombat Extended Length Cargo Ship. This was the final step of the build.
The last step was to glue the nose to the extension I added to the ship.

With the length of the full 2.5 foot kit, I was concerned that the center and nose staying together. I thought about reinforcing the connection points underneath, but after moving around the built ship for a few years, it never fell apart. I was gentle with it, and it did not snap apart as I moved it around the game table or placed it on the gaming shelves nearby.

The completed ship
Here we have the completed ship.

Scale Comparison of TTCombat Extended Length Cargo Ship to 28mm Warlord Games Bolt Action Miniatures

For scale comparison purposes, here the ship is with some 28mm Bolt Action Miniatures on it by Warlord Games. This ship is huge and intended to fit in with 28mm to 35mm miniatures!

Scale comparison of TTCombat MDF Terrain vs Bolt Action Miniatures
Some 28mm WW2 citizens take to the Cargo ship. Figures from Bolt Action by Warlord Games.
A look at the size of the TTCombat extended cargo ship and containers vs 28mm bolt action miniatures.
Look at the size of this terrain kit. Two-and-a-half feet takes up a lot of space in 28mm to 35mm gaming tables.
View from a higher angle
A shot from higher up.

I don’t paint all of my models, but I hit this one with a couple quick coats of grey primer.

The Finished Project

To finish off the project, I quickly spray painted it.

The ship after primed grey
Here we have the extended-length ship on its own.
The ship with all of the extras
And all the extra pieces you would get if you bought the Ironsides kit. I bought those containers separately in packs of three.

Now, let me show you this ship on a gaming mat by Cigar Box Battle.

Here I placed the TTCombat Cargo Ship onto a sea based gaming mat. on top ot the cab is a 28mm miniature by Warlord Games.
Another angle of the ship. Bolt Action on the MDF Terrain piece for scale comparison purposes
A look from a higher angle.
Some of the interior detail is accessible. To make the bottom section accessible, you would have to make your own method as the TTCombat instructions have you sealing that layer off.
The top level of the ship is accessible if you build the ship by the directions. The lower level is not. If you are crafty, you could likely make the bottom accessible too, but I couldn’t be bothered with it.

Related Posts and Videos

If you want to know more about this kit or MDF terrain, I have a few posts and videos to recommend to you. A little while back, I created a YouTube video about painting MDF terrain. This ship makes an appearance in that video.

A video talking about different ways I have painted MDF terrain including a focus of an experiment I did where I painted directly to the MDF pieces while they were still on the sprue.

The cargo containers that you see in the images earlier in the article, I reviewed separately from the ship as I bought them in sets of three earlier on. They also come in the MSV Ironsides kit if you want to get everything at once. With today’s exchange rate, they cost under $3.50 USD a container. That’s excellent. Another example of great value from TTCombat. Here is a video review of those containers.

A review of MDF Containers for about $3.50 USD each.

There is a related written review of these containers as well.

I also have a work in progress article talking about spray painting these kits and more. The quick of it is that I sprayed it with grey primer and left it at that. I had intentions of painting it up more, but heard another project calling my name. As I stated earlier, it is the build that I like the most.

Wrapping it up…

When it comes to budget, TTCombat is the best company that I know of for MDF Kits. You can get big kits that look good on the tabletop from them at very affordable prices.

If you want to upgrade your table, take a look at this kit. Personally, I had a lot of fun building this kit, and that was enough for me. After holding on to it for a few years, I decided to let a new owner enjoy the ship.

So much terrain for such a small cost!

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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