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Zoo Ball Review – Update

This post is a quick update to our original Review of Zoo Ball from October 18, 2017.
The Contents of the Zoo Ball game by Osprey Games

In the original review, I thought Zoo Ball was a good game but criticized it on the cost of the box and the wrinkles of the mat. At the time, I theorized that this would be a fun game for a family with kids, but having no children of my own, this was just a guesstimate.

Over the holidays, I had my niece and nephews over and I can now confirm that this game goes over very well for youngsters. It is fast to play and easy to teach. It easily kept them busy for two hours straight between sections of the visit.

We found this game as a perfect filler to fill time between family engagements.


Revisiting the Criticisms

Like it or not, the wrinkles in the mat are still there. We house ruled that the wrinkles were hills and valleys in the field. While the youngsters enjoyed this feature, some of the adults found this frustrating as play pieces were protected from their pieces due to the hills.

The MSRP is still high (in my opinion) for what is in the box. If you have money, this price might not be an issue. If you are on more of a budget, I have found the game at an online store for less than retail price.


Summing it Up

This post is just a quick update to our Original Review. We wanted to provide a quick update as we were very satisfied with how well this game went over with the younger members of our extended family.

Special thanks goes again to Osprey Publishing for providing Must Contain Minis with a copy of Zoo Ball.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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