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Growing Excitement – Bolt Action 2 and Konflikt ’47

Today I received a Newsletter in my email from Warlord Games and boy was I blown away. Tons of great content in there about games that I am really excited about.

The two articles that I would like to discuss today are Konflikt ’47 One Month On plus Resources Files and Bolt Action 2nd Edition – The tweaks part 1: Armed Transports.

Konflikt '47
Images of Konflikt 47 from the Warlord Games (image from their Newsletter).

For Konflikt ’47, the guys reflect on the first month of the game being released. The game has taken off very well and they are pleased with the adoption of it in the community. They discuss their models and link to a release schedule of what to expect through to December. Personally, I really like the look of the German Schreckwulfen, Nachtjager, and Heavy Infantry. I am also really excited to see what will come in the British Starter box (due out for December).

Aside from what is coming in the next few months, they also allude to what else is in the pipelines. They plan to have all their models from the original book published by sometime next year and continue on to a supplement with new units in 2017.

The article then discusses the relationship between the Bolt Action 2 and Konflikt ’47 rule sets. The two games are intended to be different and for the time being, the official word is to stick to the Konflikt ’47 rules for Konflikt games. That being said, they encourage people to mash the rules together and share with them how it works out if a mishmash is done. In the future, after Bolt Action 2 has been on the market for a while, they may take the best parts of Bolt Action 2 that complement Konflikt ’47 and integrate those rules into the game.

Overall, I found it an enjoyable article and definitely worth a read.

Band of Brothers
Image from the Warlord Games Newsletter.

The other article that I wanted to bring to the attention of my readers is an Article about Bolt Action 2 and transports. The good news is that Transports will be able to fire a gun after a transported unit leaves the unit. That is a game changer for people like me who use transports. To end the article, Warlord gives a preview of their blast templates.

If you haven’t taken the time to check these articles out, head on over to Warlord and give them a read. I am very excited about both games and have already ordered myself a Band of Brothers Boxed set from my favourite FLGS (Forbes Hobbies). I am also hoping to get a copy of Konflikt ’47 that I can review for my readers and get some games in with.