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Video Review – Feldherr Mini Plus

The Feldherr Mini Plus is a soft shell case with protective foam in it to transport miniatures. If you are wondering how to get miniatures from one place to another, this is a good solution. In this post, I quickly present you with my review of the product.

For those who don’t know, case is perfect for 28mm miniatures and tanks in the configuration that I got it. You can buy it for different games or miniatures sizes if you prefer.

I used mine this case for Bolt Action, but you could easily use the same setup for Warhammer 40,000 or any other 28mm miniature wargame too.

This case holds 32 – 28mm miniatures and 3 tanks. Below is the video review, please give it a watch.

If you prefer written work, I have a very quick written review with a few pictures below the video.

Video Review – Feldherr Mini Plus Miniatures Case for Bolt Action

Below is my video review. If the embedded file does not play, use this link here to go to the video directly.

A quick video review of Feldherr’s Mini Plus case for Bolt Action.

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If this case (or anything else by Feldherr) interests you, use my coupon code BOLT2022 to save 5 Euro off your purchase of 50 Euro or more. You can also check out their section for Bolt Action cases and their other Mini Plus cases.

That code is good until the end of 2022.

A Fast Written Review

This case by Feldherr holds 32 miniatures of your Bolt Action figures along with up to three tanks. The foam itself is very soft and the pluck foam is highly customizable.

Feldherr Mini Plus - pluck foam review for Bolt Action
The pluck foam in this case can be customized to your tanks or the monsters in your miniatures collection. I plucked a little too much out of the middle here and placed it back in. If that gap bugs me, I can stick it back together with wood glue. For now, I am leaving it as is.
How to transport a Bolt Action army.
Here is my first tray of figures. The foam is roomy, but it is also super soft. I have no concerns placing my miniatures in here.
Feldherr Mini Plus case review
And here is the upper level. On top of this, there is an extra piece of foam to keep the minis safe.

Wrapping it up…

Overall, this is a great little case to keep your small skirmish level armies safe. If you haven’t already done so, make sure to watch that review video above. Also, don’t forget about that coupon code BOLT2022. It is good until the end of 2022 on the Feldherr website.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. Thomas

    Thanks Jacob for the review. I wish there was a Canadian outlet for these boxes. Any retailers in Canada?

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Thanks for the message Thomas. I’ve seen them in some local shops, but not often. Not sure if you are in Canada, but the first place I saw one was at Flint’s in Kitchener, Ontario Canada. That was the only one I saw on store shelves and it was a smaller case for something like Warcry or Necromunda. The shipping prices from Feldherr seem reasonable when I last checked.

      Doing a quick search, it looks like you can buy them from too, but they are still imported there…

      You can check your local gaming stores and ask if they would be willing to carry the products. Feldherr does have a wholesale/retailer sign up page. I am not sure on the requirements, but here is the link.

      It also looks like they might have something going with Solarites in Vancouver and Les Des Truques in Quebec. Hope this helps.

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