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Some of My First Miniatures – RAFM Deep Ones

When I was young, I loved playing X-COM. The sequel, X-COM: Terror From The Deep was incredibly hard, but it featured Deep Ones. That game was so much fun even though I never got too far into it.

Since then, I jumped from miniatures game to miniatures game. For a long time, I collected only 40K. After I sold out of that, I went to my first Hotlead gaming convention and was introduced to a whole host of alternative games other than those by Games Workshop.

Among them was this game called USX Modern Day Heroes. This exposure really opened up my eyes and I have been gaming many systems ever since.

The USX Starter Set

When I saw this two player starter set from RAFM many years ago, I had to buy it.

USX Modern Day Heroes Starter Set
The USX Modern Day Heroes

The Deep Ones here absolutely reminded me of Terror From The Deep. . You have a SWAT Team members taking on a crew of Deep Ones. So cool!

A group of 28mm Deep Ones miniatures
Here is my group of painted Deep Ones.

Improved Photography And Lighting Makes a Big Difference

Now, I have written about these miniatures before, but I have improved in my photography skills, so I decided to redo my pictures of them. I haven’t changed anything but my skills and equipment. Look at the difference between my old pictures from my 2016 post and this one from 2022.

A picture I took in 2016
The same mini, but in a picture from 2022.

Again, the miniature is exactly the same as it was back then. The difference is that I am better at taking pictures now. I also have better photography lamps too, but you can also get good results with just regular old desk lamps too.

With all that out of the way, the point of today’s post is to give an updated view of my RAFM Deep Ones. To see more pictures from 2016, check out this link, but for the rest of you, continue on below.

Deep Ones by RAFM

Below is a quick gallery of my painted RAFM Deep Ones miniatures.

A Deep One eating a fish
A Deep One with a fish.
A Cthulhu related miniature by RAFM
A side shot.
A Deep Ones with a book
I usually use this one as a spell caster.
One of the Deep Ones miniatures armed with a sword
a trident armed mini
one of the 28mm Deep Ones miniatures armed with a rifle
Another shot of the figure.

They don’t look too bad. They are the first minis that I painted after an extremely long hiatus from miniature gaming. In fact, it was years between these and the GW figures that I owned before them.

Wrapping it up…

Thanks for joining me for this quick look at some minis by RAFM. I bought them in person from a booth of theirs at a convention.

If they don’t come to the conventions that you go to, they also have a website for those of you interested in these figures. They have the USX Starter Set here and the Deep Ones boxed set here.

A group of Deep Ones by RAFM and painted by Must Contain Minis
A look at the group again.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!