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Conan Battle Report – Hunting the Tigress

The last time I played Conan, we played In the Clutches of the Picts, and I had an absolute blast! At Broadsword 4, I got to play yet again – but this time, I played as a Player rather than the Overlord.

This time, we played Hunting the Tigress. Hunting the Tigress happens to be the second mission in the same book (right after In the Clutches of the Picts).

Ships in a miniature board game
The game board for Conan: Hunting the Tigress.

Our host, Michael, is a man that I enjoy chatting to each time that I see him at a convention. When he pulled out his Conan Collection, it was clear that he had a Kickstarter copy of the game rather than the Retail version that I own. That means that we got to play with characters not available in the base game. My character for this game was Pallantides. Pallantides made for a great “tank” and “fighter” style of play experience.

Above is the Character Card for the figure that represented me in game of Conan.

Michael set up the table for us and everyone was very excited to play. In fact, there were 7 of us at the table. Being that this is a Convention Game, Michael modified the rules to allow 6 players rather than capping the mission at the normal 4 characters.

Play Conan Hunting the Tigress AAR
Above is the setup for the Hunt the Tigress scenario in Conan. The player representing Belit started on the far side of the right hand ship while the other players started at the bow of that same ship.

Our mission was simple, to keep Belit alive for 8 turns. We would also win the game earlier if we killed either Zaporavo (positioned on the bow of the left hand ship) or Skuthus (located at the Stern of the left hand ship).

I took the first action of the group and moved forward to open a near by treasure chest. It contained a crossbow. Being that my character is a melee tank, I left the crossbow for someone else to pick up.

Conan Hunt for the Tigress Battle Report
Pallantides opens a chest to find a crossbow. He leaves it for someone else as he is a melee character. Conan rushed ahead to protect Belit. On the way, he comes across a treasure chest containing a healing potion.

Shevatas decided that he would be the one to take the crossbow. He moved to my spot and picked up the weapon.

Conan the board game
Shevatas picks up the crossbow and without missing a breath, shoots at Zaporavo.

Shevatas quickly aimed the crossbow and fired on Zaporavo (putting every crystal he could into making the best shot he could make). My goodness!!!! What  a result! Seven hits!!!

Conan Dice from Monolith's Board game.
Zaporavo takes seven hits in the first round. Enough to kill him outright if the Overlord didn’t spend crystals to improve his defence. This could have been a very short game!

Not wanting to see the game end so soon, Michael put tons of Overlord Crystals into dodging this attack. Zaporavo barely survives the incident, and Michael found himself fairly drained of crystals for the first turn of the game.

On the next round, Pallantides and Shevatas moved into combat with the near by pirates, while Conan helped Belit. Our Wizard and Archer decided to stay on the bow of the ship and take shots at near by pirates to no real effect.

Battling between ships in a miniature board game
Pallantides and Shevatas engaged and killed a number of pirates. Conan meanwhile slips through to protect Belit from more pirates.

This round we would take a lot of fire from the enemy’s archers. The next round, I would move in to help protect Belit. Belit was pretty good at defending herself so my moving there was unnecessary.

Belits Bodyguards
Pallantides joins in the fight with Conan, Belit and her bodyguards.

Having focused so much on Belit’s safety, the Overlord saw an opportunity to try and take out our ranged fighters that we left behind on the bow of the ship.

Hunting the Tigress - Conan the Board game by Asmodee and Monolith
Seeing an opportunity, the enemy jumps across the ships to engage one of our characters that we left on his own. The pirate in the middle didn’t make the jump and was eaten by sharks. Yikes!


Zaporavo also joined the pirates in jumping across the ships and all four of them moved to take on our archer (whom we left behind thinking he was safe).

Meanwhile, Skuthus turned himself into a demonic beast!

Dark Demon
Skuthus transforms into a horrifying Demon!

The next round, we would consolidate our ranged fighters to the middle (and stern) sides of the ship. Pallantides hung out with the middle group to help shield them from incoming attacks. Meanwhile, Conan rushed in to take on Zaporavo and his henchmen.

Conan the Board Game
The ranged fighters in our group ran to the opposite side of the ship. Meanwhile, Conan charged into melee against four enemies.


Conan vs Pirates and Zaporavo - Board Game Play Through
Not surprisingly, Conan was taking a real beating and was in bad need of help. That can happen when you rush in to take care of enemies on their own. 🙂

Conan actually managed to take out three of the pirates on his own, but Zaporavo still stands. Pallantides then rushed in to help Conan…


Conan AAR
Pallantides joins Conan in his fight against Zaporavo.


Conan Character Card for Pallantides
Using all of the crystals that I could, I put everything ounce of power I have into one melee attack against Zaporavo.


Conan the Board Game Battle Report (game by Monolith and distributed by Asmodee)
The hit is decisive and the players win this battle!!! Zaporavo is dead!!!

With Zaporavo dead, the players win this game of Conan!!!

Overall, I had a lot of fun playing this game and was it ever nice to get to play as a Player rather than as the Overlord (in most games like this, I usually am the one that ends up as the Overlord).

Michael did a great job at hosting this game and I was very happy to see him at Broadsword 4.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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