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Broadsword 4 is Next Weekend!!! (August 26, 2017)

Broadsword ran by Barnaby Ore is one of the local area conventions that I have enjoyed attending of late. Barnaby is at it again and running Broadsword 4 at the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry Veterans Association (in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) next weekend (August 26, 2017) from 9am to 11pm.

Broadsword 4 Event in Hamilton Ontario
A collage of pictures that I took at Broadsword 3.

This is a fairly fun event, and I enjoy myself each time I go. At Broadsword 3, I played my first game of Blood & Plunder. At Broadsword 2, I played a most an awesome Call of Cthulhu Game that was ran by Six Squared Studios.

The games listing for the convention this time all look to be fairly exciting. There are Board Games and Miniatures Games at this event. Some of the systems that I hope to play include games of Strange Aeons, Bolt Action, Blood & Plunder, Conan and many others.

I will also be running a game of Frostgrave in the 2pm to 6pm time slot. The event organizer asked that we run the games with a Cthulhu theme if we can, and I plan to have a Cthulhu inspired monster as the main bad guy for the players to kill. It may, or may not be set in snow. I am thinking of moving it to a greener town too.

Overall, it is an event that I am happy to place into my busy schedule. Be sure to head on over to the event’s Facebook Page and check out the details for yourself.

The entrance fee for the event is just $10 and free to those 18 and under.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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