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The Centaur Avatara Regiment Rides into Conquest

With the new Centaur Avatara the folks at Para Bellum keep filling out their fantasy world of Conquest with new miniatures. In my last post, you saw me review their Spires Stryx miniatures in a video. Today, we are going to show a few new images a unique new unit for the Spires.

Update – July 2022: If you are interested in a review of these minis, I have that here on this website.

These are the Centaur Avatara. Think genetically created knights that resemble Centaurs.

The Pictures

Centaur Avatara Knight
Certainly a different take on the knight.
A new Spire Miniature
While they resemble centaurs, I have scene nothing like these miniatures aesthetically in other games.
A genetically enhanced super knight for the Spires
There is a lot going on these miniatures.
Centaur Avatara Regiment for Conquest
What do you think of these miniatures. To me, they are certainly unique while taking the form of fantasy centaurs. It is certainly a new test on an old fantasy setting favorite.

How Para Bellum Describes the Centaur Avatara

A massive humanoid torso crowns the baroque, armored equine monstrosity of the Centaur Avatara, bristling with arms each carrying a deadly blade. Scoffing at the notion of partnership with another being, but keenly aware of the advantages of cavalry upon the field, Spires created the Centaur iterations of the Avatara to mimic the original knights, the companions and equites of the Old Dominion. To date these have been reserved for only the eldest and most powerful elders of the Lineages. Their recent presence on the western battlefield can only bode ill for the Hundred Kingdoms as these hoary monsters shed millennia of ennui and rekindle their bloodlust and interest in battle. 

From the Para Bellum Web Store.

Wrapping it up…

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