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October 2020 – Must Contain Minis Newsletter

Welcome to Must Contain Minis Newsletter for October 2020.

Over the past month, I made a number of improvements to this site that may have gone under the radar. As mentioned in my September Newsletter, I continue to post five days a week to Must Contain minis. While I may have not been hitting my 8pm to 9pm goal, I still have something new up every single weekday morning.

This means more content for you across a wide variety of subjects. I even got a couple of extra posts in this past month. This is on top of the weekly posts that I write for Bell of Lost Souls.

The most popular posts last month include posts about Blood & Plunder, Warlord Games and Wargames Atlantic.

Resource Pages

In September I added three resource pages and changed some menu items. I did not really promote these changes.

If you looked around my menu system, you might have found these new resource links already. You can click on them using the menus at the top of this page, but I will also outline the pages here too.

The aim is to help you find things faster and provide pages of interest to you the reader. The Canadian Miniatures Gaming Companies Page in particular is very popular.

These new recourse pages and changes include…

These additions and changes may have gone unnoticed. I made these changes on top of the six articles a week I write between Bell of Lost Souls and Must Contain Minis.

By the way, Six articles a week, that is a lot of content. So what are some things you can expect for October?

The Month to Come

In the month to come, I have a number of posts planned. There will be articles relating to Games Workshop, Monster Fight Club and Wargames Atlantic. I also plan a few showcases for a number of games including Blood & Plunder, Oathmark and Frostgrave.

I also got my hands on a number of products that I want to share with you including some new minis for Frostgrave and a new ruleset by Two Hour Wargames. If you are looking for some deals, keep your eyes here and I plan to post a couple of articles about online sales. Perhaps you could save yourself some money.

Another subject that is top of mind to me is whether I should set up a second blog / website. I am having so much fun with MCM and BoLS, that I think it might be fun to have another website about a different topic. What that site will focus on, I don’t know. It is something that I have to think about.

If you like my writing style and photographs, please give some suggestions in the comments below of topics you would be interested in following. While I am contemplating starting a second site, Must Contain Minis would remain my primary focus.

Highlighted Posts from September 2020

Like Must Contain Minis Newsletter from last month, I am going to highlight a few posts from this past month that might be worth you taking a second look at. Below are short lists of my most visited posts for the month and a few that I think would be worth you checking out.

Most Visited Posts…

Posts Worth a Second Look…

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in October’s Must Contain Minis Newsletter. In this post, I discussed Must Contain Minis new resources area, highlighted a few posts and talked about the month to come.

Be sure to keep visiting Must Contain Minis for more miniature gaming related articles.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!