Must Contain Minis aims to help grow the gaming community. In part we do this with stories about gaming, but we also house some community resources. Welcome to the Must Contain Minis Community Resource Page. Here you will find various pages to help you find interesting resources.

Below is a list of pages housed on Must Contain Minis.

Canadian Miniatures Gaming Company Page

If the company is from Canada and of a certain size, I want to help their business. On this page, you can find Canadian Companies that produce miniatures and related gaming products.

Link to the Canadian Miniatures Gaming Company Page.

Ontario Miniature Gaming Convention Page

Being from Ontario (Canada), I want to promote gaming right here in my backyard. If you have a miniatures gaming convention based in Ontario, let me know. I will give you free advertising right here on this page. If you are interested in Ontario Miniature Gaming Conventions, this page is for you!!!

Link to the Ontario Miniature Gaming Convention Page.

The Blog and News Roll

Must Contain Minis has gathered together the feeds of several websites to one place for some interesting reading. These are all companies and blogs that I follow. Come give them a look.

Link to the Must Contain Minis News and Blogs Roll.

DriveThruRPG Sales Page

Part of the way Must Contain Minis supports itself is through Affiliate Sales. Here you will find the the Top 10 selling items (and the newest products) on DriveThruRPG.

Support Must Contain Minis – DriveThruRPG Sales Page.

Wargame Vault Sales Page

Must Contain Minis also supports itself through Affiliate Sales on the Wargame Vault. Here you will find the the Top 10 selling items (and the newest products) on that site.

Support Must Contain Minis – Wargame Vault Sales Page.

Writing on Bell of Lost Souls

On top of writing for Must Contain Minis, I also bring my work to a larger audience on Bell of Lost Souls. Be sure to head over there too to see more of my work.

Link to Jacob Stauttener on Bell of Lost Souls.

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