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Crucible Crush Sale!!!

Heavily Edited June 9. Crucible Crush’s Warlord Games sale was just too good to last, so it has been modified and extended. That’s right. Crazy Lee is at it again, but this time his entire store is off 15%, they lowered the free shipping threshold to $90 USD and you still get a free figure no matter the purchase. That shipping deal applies throughout North America – so my American readers, you can partake in this sale too. If you are interested, check out the Crucible Crush Sale.

The new coupon code is Websale15. This sale runs only until June 15 (2020), so if you see something you want, act fast.

So What is Good in the Sale?

There are plenty of items that might catch your interest in this sale. They have Bolt Action, Hail Caesar, Pike and Shotte, Black Power, SPQR, Black Seas and Cruel Seas products. Personally, I actively collect Bolt Action and am often tempted by Hail Caesar and Pike and Shotte. I know some other people that might find the products for Cruel Seas very appealing. They also have Wargames Illustrated Magazines on sale for four magazines for the price of three.

While you are there, don’t forget about their own lines like Flint and Feather, Black Sun and Cthulhu 28’s too. They also carry Frostgrave, which I am a big fan.

Their prices are already at competitive rates in Canadian Dollars. Now you can get free shipping, an extra figure, and 15% off all of Crucible Crush’s awesome Products. Nice!!!

What Appeals to Me…

Okay, more items catch my eye than I have money or time for. If funds were unlimited, below are items that would certainly appeal to me and be in my Crucible Crush cart.

A Late War Panzergrenadiers Box Set
Hail Caesar Starter Set with 92 miniatures
A US Airborne Gun
I already own one of these, but I think it is a great deal and I like starter sets

Many of their other lines also appeal to me. If you want to know more about those products, check out the Crucible Crush section of this website.

Wrapping it up…

Remember, this sale is just until June 15, 2020. After that, things go back to their normal (but fair) prices. Again, that is 15% off all products at the Crucible Crush online store. Grab what you can before they run out of stock.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!