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Oak & Iron Final Kickstarter Day

Today’s post is just to quickly let everyone know that the Oak & Iron Kickstarter by Firelock Games ends this Wednesday (December 5, 2018) at 4pm EST. That means that if you want to participate in the Kickstarter, you have to get in fast!

The image in this post are from Firelock Games.

So what does the base pledge get you?

At the time of writing this article, a crew pledge (a core box of the game) will get you the following…

Oak & Iron Crew Pledge Contents - What is in the Base Game Box Set
The image above shows what currently comes in the core box for Oak & Iron. 

What Can Still Be Unlocked?

As of the time of this post, Firelock Games still has a stretch goal for us to unlock. If there is another one after that one, I do not know. Hopefully there will be, but time will tell.

Above is the current Kickstarter Goal still left to unlock.
Black Beard's Ship
From Firelock Games’ Facebook Page: “Revenge sloop: Originally commissioned by Stede Bonnet to begin his pirating career. After some failure, Edward Teach convinced Bonnet to allow him to take command of the Revenge. This ship would eventually be used to capture La Concorde, which would later be known as…”
Queen Anne's Revenge
“Queen Anne’s Revenge: Arguably the most legendary pirate ship to sail the seas. Before being taken by Black Beard and his men, this English 6th Rate was captured by the French and used as a merchantman ship. This was Black Beard’s flag ship, notably used in the blockade of Charleston, where he held prominent members of the town ransom for medicines. Teach eventually ran this ship aground and it was lost at sea. Some speculate that this was done deliberately as he wanted to down-size his fleet and retire with his stolen spoils.”

If unlocked, these two ships become a potential add-on expansion that people can add to their purchase.


Speaking of add-ons, there are a number of expansions that you can choose from in this Kickstarter campaign.

The Third Rate Ship happens to be the most used warship (historically) for ships of the line during the time and setting of Oak & Iron. Originally, you would receive one of these ships in an expansion along with two different ships. A number of people asked to be able to build a fleet of 3rd Rate Ships and Firelock Games listened. This ship is now available individually too.

3rd Rate Ship Miniature 1/600
This ship is now available individually or in an expansion with two other ships.

Are there Scale Comparison Pictures?

Personally, I think there should be some scale comparison pictures on the Oak & Iron Kickstarter page, but I did not see them there. They did post some on their Facebook page though. Below are those images.

Oak & Iron Scale Comparison
Scale Comparison Pictures of the Oak & Iron Ships to a Blood & Plunder 32mm miniature.
How big are Oak & Iron Ships?
An image of an Oak & Iron Ship beside a Blood & Plunder Miniature.

Wrapping it up…

The Oak & Iron Kickstarter wraps up this Wednesday (December 5, 2018). If you are interested in participating, be sure you check it out before the end of the project.

As always, be sure you are aware of (and okay with) the risks associated to backing a Kickstater project.

If you are in the UK or Europe, you can check out the price of Oak & Iron on Wayland Games (Affiliate Link). 

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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