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Move Update – Must Contain Minis

This quick post is a quick update about Must Contain Minis’ move. The post also gives a quick look at my professional life outside of this website and an accomplishment that I just achieved tonight.

Now back to the move…

Our move date has come and gone and now we are settling into a new house. Most of our belongings are still in boxes, but we made huge strides in the kitchen and living room. In addition to working on our new house am also working on a complete cleaning of our old place for the new owner.

It makes for a pretty busy week, but I am so happy.

One very exciting part of the move is that I will have a new gaming space. We have plans for that space that I am really looking forward to seeing come to fruition. I will talk more about those plans in a future post.

Professional Accoplishment – Course Completed 🙂

On a personal note, I also just finished a College Course for CompTIA Network+ and am looking at what courses to take in the fall.

I don’t plan to take the Network+ exam at this time, but the knowledge I learned from the course will help me with my day job as a technician that deals mostly with Video Conferencing and Meeting Room Equipment.

The courses I plan to take in the fall include CompTIA A+ (I did that one backwards – should have done A+ before Network+, but I have a good amount of somewhat related work experience so I was able to follow Network+ along well enough) and AVIXA Introduction to Installation (a course about installing room based audiovisual systems). Again, both of those courses will help me with my day job.

While those courses will keep me busy, I should also have a little more time for my gaming and website stories as the stress of selling my house and moving will be behind me.

Upcoming Plans…

Aside from creating a fantastic gaming space in the new house, I also plan to re-brand the website, get into YouTube (related post), and I have a number of story ideas ready but waiting for me to write (related post).

If any gaming accessory companies out there want some product placement, sponsored stories, or reviews on Must Contain Minis, let me know. I can be contacted at [email protected] or through Facebook. I plan to have a finished gaming space where I can take pictures for the website (especially for Battle Reports, Showcases, and Reviews). That space is a still a little ways out before it will be completed, so there is time for discussion for anyone interested in helping out with the space.

For now, I am still in boxes, but soon I will publish some proper stories again on Must Contain Minis about Miniatures and the games that we love! Stay tuned!!!

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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