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Both the Red Player and Purple Player lay claim to the Power Circle.

Incantris 4-Player Battle Report

Quiet a while ago, we got another game of Incantris. In this post, we outline that game and discuss how we came to a three player stalemate.

Incantris Four Player Battle Report
In this picture, four of us play a game of Incantris. I played the red team. You can see above a Blaze spell in effect on the right side by the Purple Team. The Blaze spell creates a space of fire that can injure anyone that walks through it.

Overall, Incantris is a great game and we have a few posts about the game already on this site. If you are interested, you can take a closer look at the Miniatures of Incantris or read through my First Battle Report and Review of the game. While it is a fantastic game, we did come across a short coming in this round of Incantris that lead to a stalemate.

The Battle Starts

Right off the top of the game, the Blue Player rushed an Arcane Knight in on the Grey Player. The Grey player made quick work of the Arcane Knight and slaughtered the Wizard before help could arrive. Sometimes it just isn’t a good idea to rush a single combatant up against three.  🙂

Death to the Arcane Knight
The Blue Player rushed in with an Arcane Knight on the Grey Player only to have the Knight slaughtered before back up could arrive.

While Blue engaged the Grey Player immediately, the Purple and Red players hung back and waited to make their moves. The Red Team separated their team while the Purple Team stayed closer together.

Far shot of the board.
Red separated their forces while Blue and Grey engaged. The Purple team also avoided joining the fight at this point.

The Grey Team intensifies the fight and takes out yet another Blue Wizard. This is not a good day for the Blue Player. Two casualties so far and both belong to him.

Blue Wizard Dies
Another Blue Wizard dies at the hands of the Grey Arcane Knight. By the Blue Wizard is a 3-D token of what looks to be a statue of a head with flames on it. That is the Red Sorceress’s Flame Hydra. It can fire a Flame Dart every activation at a target within line of site and range.

Just One Wizard Left on the Blue Team

To try to cut their loses and to have a lasting effect on the game, the Blue Sorcerer calls in a Power Circle in front of him on the map. The Power Circle adds one die to the power of any spell cast from within.

Power Circle.
The Blue Sorcerer casts Power Circle to create a lasting effect for the game.

The Red Player sees an opportunity and moves his Shaman onto the Power Circle. So too does the Purple Player who casts a Wizard’s Eye type of spell that allows her Sorceress to cast spells from a stone statue as though she was there.

Both the Red Player and Purple Player lay claim to the Power Circle.

Just One Wizard Left on the Red Team

With the concentration of forces by the Power Circle, the Red Player would suffer a terrible loss. The Shaman would be killed by the Grey Arcane Knight and the Red Sorceress would be killed by the concentration of fire by many enemies.

It is at this time that the Red Player started healing other players with his Druid. This was done for the simple reason of Survival. The Purple Player started protecting the Red Player simply because the Red Player kept healing the Purple Team’s wounds.

Incantris Board Game Battle Report
The Red Player would lose their Shaman and Sorceress. Knowing that the area had to much of a concentration of power, the Blue Sorcerer retreats to the other side of the table. Meanwhile, the Red Druid starts to aid the Purple Team and forms an alliance of sorts to stay alive.

The Grey Team is Eliminated

The Battle rages on and the Grey Team starts to pay the price for all of their victories. They would be the first to be eliminated from the game.

Grey Knight Dies
Grey would finally lose another Wizard. Shortly later, they would lose their last Wizard too. A surprising ending for a team that started so strong. They were the first to be eliminated from the game.

Just One Wizard Left on the Purple Team

With the Grey Player Gone, the only teams left are Purple, Blue and Red. The Blue Sorcerer takes out the Purple Shadow Weaver and all three teams are now even with just one Wizard apiece.

Just three Wizards Remain
Just three Wizards now remain. The Red Druid, Blue Sorcerer and Purple Sorceress.

And… The Stalemate

It is at this point that we came across an interesting stalemate to the game. Each of the three remaining Wizards have a healing spell, and with the Circle of Power nearby, they can all boost the power of their spells. That said, all three players realized that if they concentrate their attacks on just one Wizard, the other would kill them once the other Wizard was killed. As a result, each Wizard would perform an attack spell followed by a healing spell the next round. With the way we were going, it seemed like three to four hits would need to be scored to kill a Wizard. No Wizard was willing to lay that third hit because it would mean missing a chance to heal themselves, thus making themselves vulnerable to the other Wizard.

After an inordinate amount of time trying to play out this three-player stand off, we decided to call the game as a draw.

Incantris is a great game, but we happened to find a case where a stalemate will prevent the game from coming to completion. As I stated in my earlier review of the game, I highly recommend it and think that the game makes a great gateway game between Board Games and Miniatures Games.

Special thanks goes out to Heath from RAINN Studios for providing Must Contain Minis with a copy of Incantris for Review purposes.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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