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Fireteam Zero: Monster Pack A – Minis in the Box

When I get a game, it is usually the miniatures that excite me the most.

Fireteam Zero has some pretty cool minis. In the past, I wrote an Unboxing Article about the game as well as a Battle Report and First Impressions Post about the main game. In the future, I plan to take a closer look at the minis in the core box, but for now, let’s take a look at one of the games’ expansions.

Fireteam Zero Moster Pack A Miniatures
The Box Art for the Fireteam Zero: Monster Pack A

Today, we take a look at the minis that come in Emergent Games‘ Fireteam Zero: Monster Pack A.

In the interest of full disclosure, Emergent games was kind enough to send this product to Must Contain Minis and they are currently running a Kickstarter for a second printing of the set.

Now let’s take a closer look at the miniatures in the box.

Fireteam Zero Whispering Fetch
This is the Whispering Fetch. He is the monster from the cover of the box.
Daughter of Typhon miniature
The Daughter of Typhon. This mini is creepy. I like it.  🙂
Daughter of Typhon miniature
The back side of the Daughter of Typhon. Some nice details on this mini.


Fireteam Zero Miniature
The Flensing Tree.


Fireteam Zero Expansion Miniature
The Flensing Tree from another angle.


Grim Imposter
The Grim Imposter.


Monster Pack A
The Grim Imposter from the rear.


Monster Pack A - Fireteam Zero
The Infesting Queen.


Fireteam Zero Monster Pack A Miniature
The Infesting Queen from another angel.

To me, the minis look very good. My favourite is the Daughter of Typhon followed by the Infesting Queen.

The Kickstarter Page also shows the minis, but the pictures above show the details of the actual minis a little better.

Monster Pack A Kickstarter Art Fireteam Zero
Image of the Expansion from the Kickstarter Page by Emergent Games.

Be it my background in roleplaying games or open attitude to using proxy miniatures in wargames, I always look at the minis of a game and wonder how I could use them in other games (thereby doubling the usefulness of the miniatures). I thought the same thing of Fireteam Zero.

My initial thoughts were to double the miniatures into Konflikt ’47. Having looked at the minis, I think the minis from Fireteam Zero are a little big for that, but some of the minis in the core set might fit as Totenkorps proxies (more on that later).

Perhaps you have thoughts of using the creatures in other games like Achtung! Cthulhu or Savage Worlds. If so, let me know where else you plan to use them. Personally, I plan to use them in just Fireteam Zero, but I still like to think of where else they might fit as a mental exercise.

Below are some scale pictures for interest sake.

Scale comparison Fireteam Zero
The Whispering Fetch and a Bolt Action British Commander.


32mm scale comparison Fireteam Zero
The Daughter of Typhon along side a 32mm figure by RAFM. Notice, that the size of the Fireteam Zero female matches up pretty much perfectly with the 32mm figure.


Scale Comparison of a Fireteam Zero Monster to 28 and 32mm miniatures
A 28mm Bolt Action figure on the left, the Grim Imposter in the centre and 32mm miniature on the right.


Bolt Action and Fireteam Zero
The Infesting Queen alongside a 28mm Bolt Action miniature.

I hope that everyone enjoyed today’s quick post. Special thanks goes out again to Emergent Games for sending this product to Must Contain Miniatures. Remember, they are currently running the Kickstarter for the second printing of Fireteam Zero.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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Emergent Games sent Must Contain Minis two expansions and the core game of Fireteam Zero for Review purposes. 

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