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Runewars Battle Report in a Wasteland

For my second game of Runewars: The Miniatures game, I switched armies and tried the Waiqar. Thanks goes out again to Asmodee for sending the core set to Must Contain Minis.

Measuring Range in Runewars by Fantasy Flight Games.
The Heroes of the Waiqar and Daqan armies duke it out again. Last time, the Daqan won. Will the same group win when the players switch sides?

When we last played the game, we played with just the base units and no upgrades. This gives a slight advantage to the Daqan. Even so, the game ended close with the Daqan winning by just one unit. This time, we added in the upgrade cards and pointed out the armies so that they would be equal.

Deployment went similar to last time. As the Waiqar, I deployed my infantry block to the left with Ardus nearby and the Archers slightly behind him. A little further to the right, I deployed my Carrion Lancer with the intention to pull off a flanking maneuver. My opponent deployed on the far side of the table with all of his units in a line. The backdrop terrain on this battle are called TerraTiles. We used them as non-interactive terrain.

Deploying models in Runewars the Miniatures Game
A look at the deployed armies. I played the Waiqar on the closest side of the table. For those wondering, this fight is set up on TerraTiles and the rune in the middle of the table was a Kickstarter exclusive.
Off the top, everyone advanced their units quickly. We were both eager for combat.
Advancement of rank and file minis
Above is how the field looked at the end of the first round. All of the units moved up quickly with Kari (of the Daqan [Humans]) and the Archers (of the Waiqar [Undead]) hanging back a little to take advantage of long ranged opportunities.
Cavalry clashes against the reanimates
The Daqan Cavalry performed a 4-move and a 2-move bringing them into engagement with the Reanimates on the very first round of the game.
The action would start strong in the second round.
Ranged attack by Kari against a Carrion Lancer
Kari takes a shot on the Carrion Lancer but fails to cause damage.


Ardus vs Spearmen
Ardus charges in on the Spearmen and kills four of them.


Rune Golem moves on the table.
The Rune Golem turns and moves in quick on Ardus. Since this was not a charge, it counts only as an engagement at this time.


Runewars AAR
The Golem will count as a Flanking unit on Ardus for the next round unless Ardus were to move.


Runewars the Miniatures Game After Action Report
The Reanimates fail to damage the Cavalry, but cause enough fear to make the Cavalry attack themselves. That attack kills one figure.


Runewars the Miniatures Game Battle Report
The Waiqar Archers aim at Kari, but she is out of range. They can’t shoot at the Golem because he is engaged with Ardus. Their turn is wasted.
The Cavalry strike back on the Reanimates and kill 3 of their units. The Carrion Lancer then charges in on the Spearmen.
Runewars Heroes and Monsters face off against each other
The Carrion Lancer Charges in and attacks the flank of the Spearmen.
Runewars the Miniatures Game
The Spearmen take two casualties from the Lancer.

BTW… That damage token on Ardus is there by accident. We rolled as though the Rune Golem took a charge action, but he did not. When we realized the mistake, we removed the token.

Runewars Battle Report
Kari charges in and takes on the Carrion Lancer. She causes two damage to the unit.
To start the next round, Ardus proves how much of a monster he is in melee combat. He kills 8 Spearmen in one strike and then his Carrion Lancer buddy finishes the job.
Ardus is a Melee Monster in Runewars
Three hits plus one from a “boon” is enough for Ardus to kill 8 Spearmen in one attack.


Waiqar vs Daqan Battle Report
The Carrion Lancer then finishes off the remaining Spearmen.
Golem vs Ardus in Runewars the Miniatures Game
The Rune Golem is also a Melee Monster. With his “boon” from the Runes in play, he causes 9 hits to Ardus this round. That is enough to cause three wounds on him. He has just one wound left.


Reanimates vs Cavlary
The Reanimates take some damage, but their plan is to run and try to regenerate.


Runewars After Action Report
They slide back a movement point. The round ends and a new one begins.
Skeletons vs Knights
The Calvary charge right back into the fight.


Archers attack in Runewars
The archers hit the Rune Golem with some arrows and cause no real damage.


Battle in the middle of the table
Kari, the Carrion Lancer and Ardus engage in the middle. Lots of injury tokens to go around here!!!


Skeletons kill Knights in Runewars
The Reanimates strike back against the Cavalry.


Waiqar win
…And manage to kill the unit.


Waiqar are winning the battle
From the distance, this is how the board now looked. The Waiqar had have four remaining units while the Daqan have just two.
Runewars AAR
The archers target the Rune Golem again and cause a blight token.


Rune Golem charges into Ardus hard
The Golem charges into Ardus’s flank and I spent the blight token to reduce the Golem’s attack dice by one (which mitigates the bonus he received for attacking from the flank).


Ardus hits Kari hard.


Carrion Lancer Kills Kari
Kari strikes back, killing Ardus.


Runewars AAR
Then the Carrion Rider finishes off Kari.

It is now three Waiqar units versus the one Daqan Golem.

Runewars Battle Report
Now the Reanimates maneuver to flank the Rune Golem.


Runewars Battle Report
The Carrion Lancer charges in but fails to cause any damage on the Rune Golem.

Rune Golems hit hard and can have tons of armour.


Runewars AAR
The Rune Golem strikes back and kills the Carrion Lancer.


Runewars Miniatures Game
The Reanimates strike the Golem from the rear flank and finish the battle.


The Reanimates and Archers win the game - Runewars
At the end of the battle, two nearly full Waiqar units remain.

Overall, this was another enjoyable game of Runewars.

In my first game, I played the Daqan, and in this one, I played the Waiqar. Both times I managed to win. To me, the forces seem balanced, but Ardus (Waiqar) and the Rune Golem (Daqan) are both monsters in close combat.

I hope that everyone enjoyed this Battle Report.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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