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Review: TerraTiles Battle Pack by RAINN Studios

A while ago, Must Contain Minis reviewed the TerraTiles: The Misty Moorlands by RAINN Studios. Today, I will review another product sent to Must Contain Minis by that company – The TerraTiles: Battle Pack.

TerraTiles: Battle Pack Terrain Review for Miniature Wargaming
TerraTiles Battle Pack by RAINN Studios.

So what is in the box?

TerraTiles: Battle Pack Terrain Review for Miniature Wargaming
The box is filled to the top with 3D punch-out terrain.
Flat Pack Miniature Wargaming Terrain Review
Underneath the barricades are ruins and trees. Of all the pieces in the box, the ruins are my favourite.
TerraTiles: Battle Pack Terrain Review for Miniature Wargaming
Handily enough, the box comes with an organization tray at the bottom.
TerraTiles: Battle Pack Terrain Review for Miniature Wargaming
This is the box with everything punched out. There is a lot of Terrain in this small package.

Price-wise, this boxed set comes in at $19 American. Not a bad price at all. This should make it appealing to budget gamers that don’t already own Terrain. Also, look at how slim the case is. This makes this product a nice addition to miniature collectors that are low on space but want a solution for Terrain.

Let’s take a look at how these pieces look on the game table. Below are two pictures that one might recognize from my Review of the Misty Moorlands TerraTiles set.

Cardboard Terrain for Miniature Wargaming
These are some trees on top of some TerraTiles.
Miniature Wargame Terrain Review
This is my favourite of the bunch. The Ruins from the Battle Pack, on top of Misty Moorlands TerraTiles.

Aside from being used on TerraTiles, the Battle Pack can be used on any other gaming surface too. Below are pictures of the Ruins on a Cigar Box Battle Mat. I took the TerraTiles Battle Pack with me to Hotlead as a back up solution in case some of my friends couldn’t make it to the event. They were bringing extra terrain to fill out my Frostgrave table. My friends made it, so I didn’t need to use the ruins, but I liked having the sense of confidence that having a back up plan carries.

Even though I did not use the ruins or trees, I did use the Ice Walls as spell effects.

TerraTiles Ruins in use with Frostgrave
Above is a picture of one of RAINN Studios’ Ruins from the Battle Pack with Frostgrave Figures. From the front, the pieces look great and the ruins can be configured in multiple ways.
TerraTiles Flat Pack Terrain Review
From the top, the terrain pieces look a little thin.
TerraTiles Ice Wall as a Spell Effect
Having my own scenery from XOLK and what my friends brought, I did not need to use the Battle Pack at Hotlead. That said, I still used some of the pieces. You can see in this picture that I used the Ice Wall in the box to represent the effects of a “Wall” spell (by the blue miniature).
RAINN Studios Battle Pack Review
Another look at the Ice Wall being used during a Convention game of Frostgrave. It looks good to me.  🙂

Aside from what I have shown so far in the pictures above, there are plenty of other terrain pieces in the Battle Pack.

TerraTiles Battle Pack Review
Sci-Fi Barricades for anyone that plays Science Fiction or Future Wars Battles.
TerraTiles Battle Pack Review
Plenty of fantasy items come in the box. There are Wooden Palisades, Trees, Barrels, Treasure Chests, and Weapons Racks.
TerraTiles Battle Pack Review
To better show the 3D Terrain Pieces, I over exposed the Tiles. These items certainly look nice enough to use on the table.
A TerraTiles Bridge
A Bridge.
Winter Bridge for Miniature Wargaming (Flat Pack)
A Bridge for a Snow Mat.
Ice Crystals and Ice Walls that can easily be used as Terrain in Frostgrave
An Ice Wall and Chrystal Marker.

Overall, I think these products are great for the Budget Minded Gamer or the Gamer who is tight on space. As an event runner at a convention, I appreciated having this compact box as back up Terrain in case some of my other pieces got lost in transit or otherwise didn’t make it to the convention.

Now, I do have some criticisms of the pieces. Aside from being a little thin from the above angle, one also has to be careful when building the pieces. I had a few pieces spread apart on me while I was pulling out the cutaway tabs.

TerraTiles Battle Pack Review
Above, some of the cardboard of the Palisade spread apart from its surface when I pulled out the cutaway. I am sure that using some clear tape could fix the pieces that pulled apart.
TerraTiles Battle Pack Review
The exact same thing happened with some of my Sci-Fi Barricades. I did not run into this issue so much with the ruins.
TerraTiles Battle Pack Review
I found that using a hobby knife / razorblade on the cutaway parts solved the issue for me. Perhaps, if you have more nimble fingers, you might not run into this problem.
I also noticed a small printing imperfection on the Treasure chests. It is not too bad from a distance so one may have to zoom in on the picture below to notice the issue.
TerraTiles Battle Pack Review
A small printing artifact on the top left side of the treasure chest. This was the same on all of the chests.
TerraTiles Battle Pack Review
On the opposite side, the issue was not present.

Aside from the cutaways needed to be carefully removed and the small printing imperfection on the chest (which can easily be ignored), the only other issue I noticed with the set is that the Sci-Fi Barricades didn’t hold together well when I lifted them from the table. It makes for quick disassembly but it means that you have to be careful if you wish to reposition them around the table.

I didn’t construct all of the terrain in the box, but my guess is that you have enough to do two full tables worth of terrain depending on the game. The terrain is clearly scaled for 28mm, but I believe that you could use the ruins, bridges and trees for 15mm.

At $19, this is a good buy for someone that doesn’t already have a lot of other terrain.

I hope that everyone enjoyed this review of RAINN Studios TerraTiles: Battle Pack. If you were wondering what I used as a background on the pictures from the Frostgrave images onward, I used the TerraTiles: Coasts and Rivers set. A review of that product will come in the future.

Terrain and Rivers TerraTiles by RAINN Studios
The Coasts and Rivers TerraTiles setup that I used for some of the pictures in this review.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!