You are currently viewing Hottest Model of 2023 – New Desolation Squad by Games Workshop

Hottest Model of 2023 – New Desolation Squad by Games Workshop

The Desolation Squad is the new super unit for Space Marines in Warhammer 40K. In this post, I take you through the 10 miniatures that I built when I got my hands on these figures. Join me in this review of Games Workshop’s Desolation Squad.

These miniatures come 5 to a pack. I was lucky to grab 10 of them in the Strike Force Agastus Battle Force box earlier this year. That is no longer available unless you make a lucky find somewhere. From there, I also reviewed the Brutalis Dreadnought and the Lietenant, but let’s get back onto the Desolation Squad.

The Sprues

The sprues of the Desolation Squad are as below.

Weapon Frame - Warhammer 40K - Desolation Squad

The weapon sprue.

Space Marine Frame - Warhammer 40K - Desolation Squad

The Space Marine sprue.

All these pieces below make up a single Space Marine miniature, so there are a few steps to building these folks.

All of the parts of a single Desolation Squad Space Marine before you glue them together.

Building them was extremely simple and there were directions, so I am going to jump straight to the finished product. Check these guys out.

The Superfrag Desolation Squad

Review - Desolation Squad armed with Superfrag Rockets - Warhammer 40K Space Marines

When you are facing soft targets, this is the squad you want to take with you.

A Desolation Squad Sergeant

First up, we have a leader armed with a vengor launcher and a castellan launcher. With these two weapons, a pistol and a close combat weapon, this Sergeant is armed to the teeth. Hey can bring absolutely devastating indirect fire upon your enemies.

Building my Space Marine Desolation Squad.

The rest of the figures in this group I armed with the superfrag rocket launcher as their optional weapon. This adds for some great blast weaponry to take on your softer targets.

Space Marine Desolation Soldier by Games Workshop for Warhammer 40K

Of course, they also have a pistol, close combat weapon and the indirect castellan launcher too.

The look of these figures grew upon me.

These soldiers will be a force for any enemy to deal with. Given the amount of indirect fire weapons they have, you can hide them behind cover and shower your opponent with shots even while out of line of sight.

Desolation Squad Review - Look at all those weapons

There special ability gives the squad the ability to ignore cover with their launchers when they remain stationary. That is a huge benefit.

The Superkrak Desolation Squad  

When you are dealing with a heavier target, this is the desolation squad that you will want to deploy.

Review of Desolation Squad armed with Superkrak Launchers - Warhammer 40K Space Marines by Games Workshop

These guys pack the superkrak rocket launcher. It doesn’t have as many shots as the superfrag, but it hits a lot harder.

A sergeant

Like the previous group, I armed the leader with the vengor launcher. Afterall, this squad is about hitting the enemy from a distance and while out of site.

You call that a gun, this is a gun! Space Marine armed to the teeth

I then armed the rest of the group with the Superkrak. This is a high strength, high damage weapon with a decent amount of armour piercing too.

Superkrak, a great rocket system versus heavy targets

They also bring along their castellan launcher (which is good versus soft targets out of line of site), pistols and close combat weapons.

Another Soldier

Again, these squads are armed as heavy as one could hope.

More about the Unit

Points wise, these miniatures cost a lot. I am not going to state the value here, but you can check out the latest value using the Munitorum Field Manual on the Warhammer Community Downloads Page. The points change, but that is one of the two places where you get the current points values for 10th edition Warhammer 40K.

Superfrag Desolation Squad

You field these soldiers in groups of 5. Originally you could take more, but 5 is the size of a current squad.

Superkrak Desolation Squad

If you are looking for indirect artillery for your Space Marine army, this is the kit for you to purchase. While these soldiers are about their launchers, the secondary weapons on them are super powerful!

Normally, I would show a scale comparison image, but given that these are Primaris sized Space Marines, I am going to guess that the size comparison is unnecessary.

Getting Your Hands on These Miniatures

Given that these miniatures are coming from Games Workshop, you can always buy them direct from there. That said, I prefer to support other stores. Check your friendly local gaming store if you have one. You can also check out Amazon [Affiliate Link], or other online retailers like Wayland Games [Affiliate Link].

A Seargent with two awesome indirect weapon systems.

As always, if you buy from one of the affiliate links above, a small portion of the purchase price goes to MCM as commission at no extra charge to you. It is a way to support the site while getting yourself something nice.

Now, let’s bring this article to a close.

Wrapping it up…

The Space Marine Desolation Squad by Games Workshop is a great little set of figures. It took a little bit of time for the look of the weapon systems to grow upon me, but I like the aesthetic of them now.

A Space Marine with the best anti infantry weapon around!

Build wise, they are simple, and I would advise that you just follow the directions. The only mess up that I had was that I placed the wrong weapon system cameras on the backpack with the first group. I fixed that mistake as soon as I noticed.   

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!