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My Miniature Gaming Studio Space

You’ve heard me talk about my miniature gaming studio space before, but now it is coming together. In this post, I invite you to come take a look as I wait for my new table.

Before showing you the space, let me give you an update on my wargaming table.

An Update on my Wargaming Table

The table is actually new to me. A long while back, I wrote an article about finding the best table for miniature wargaming. After a lot of researching and day dreaming, I made my decision. My wife and I decided to commission a local carpenter to build us a new kitchen table and I would take our old one to my studio space for miniatures. Specifically, we went with this carpenter, but you won’t be seeing that new table in this space. I am taking the old one.

You’ve already seen my current dinner table in a number of photoshoots. This table will now be moving to my miniature studio space and we commissioned a carpenter to build us a new dinner table. The image above comes from this review article about a gaming mat.

The old table you likely already have seen it. I used our dining room a fair bit for Must Contain Minis photoshoots in the past. It will really be nice to have it in a different space with better lighting.

That said, there I pondered what to do for a gaming table for a long time. My two front runners were another carpenter specifically for a gaming table and some self built IKEA hacks.

Other Serious Considerations

As mentioned above, I also considered a few IKEA hacks and another carpenter named Andrew Claessens. Andrew does carpentry and reno work. I’ve seen some of his gaming tables and they look great. You can see his reno work on his Facebook page. He doesn’t have any pictures of his table work there, but here is one he built recently for a store. Looks great and extremely sturdy.

A Wargaming Table built by a friend
A look at one of Andrew Claessens’ tables as he delivered it to its final destination.

Back to My Table

My table is not as exciting as the gaming table above, but it is going to do the job and I am excited.

It is my old dining room table, but I figure that I will be using gaming mats on it often so you might not even see the legs or surface of the table. I really like mats by Cigar Box and they actually drape over the edges of the tabl. Even if I don’t drape a mat over it, I can still make it look good with some vinyl from a local fabric store.

Now, let’s get to my space.

My New Miniature Gaming Studio Space

In my home, I am lucky enough to have two spaces for hobby work. One for building and painting miniatures, the other for a gaming table and photography area. Today, I am specifically discussing the second space which is my gaming and studio space away from my hobby desk.

The commissioned table for our dinning room is still to arrive, but it is close. Once I move my old table to this space, my gaming studio will be pretty much complete. Check out how great it looks though even without a table. Yes, Mrs. Must Contain Minis helped me with this space too. That is why it looks so great. lol.

My Miniature Gaming Studio Space
This is basically the starting of the space. The dining room table will end up living on the mat.

You can see I have photography lights set up for two point lighting, and I have some Kallax Series Bookshelves at the end of the room to house my games.

What games do I have? Well, let’s take a closer look!

IKEA KALLAX shelves hold my game collection
The center and left side are my collection. I have plenty of Osprey and Historical Games rulebooks. I am not going to go through them all here. Instead, I will show you closer pictures. The four spaces to the right are the games that I play with my family.

What is on the Shelves?

My Game Collection
This is the space on the right. My biggest rulebook collections are for Bolt Action and Frostgrave. I also have almost an entire shelf dedicated to Memoir 44. Other board games there include Wildlands, Imperial Assault and Zombicide: Black Plague. Of those three games, it is Wildlands that I played the most.
My Game Collection part 2
Next up is a collection of books by Firelock Games and other companies. Sticking out like a sore thumb is the book “How to Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck.” Lol. Busted. I don’t use it much, but I like to flip through it every once in a while. The warcradle boxes contain miniatures that I built and carefully stored flat in the boxes in which they came.

Going further to the right are my family games. Killer Bunnies, Ticket to Ride, Phase 10, and Scrabble are constant favourites.

Hidden away in another cabinet and closet I have my miniatures and terrain. I actually don’t have as big of a collection as one might think. I keep things rotating in and out of my collections.

Let’s zoom out to the whole space again.

A Couple More Pictures of my Miniature Gaming Studio Space

Below are a couple more shots of my gaming space before I wrap this article up. I have to say that I am happy and really excited about finishing up this area.

Miniature Gaming Studio Space
Another shot of the space.
My Hobby Studio for Video and Photography
And here is the orientation from which I plan to shoot most of my content.

As soon as the table comes in, this area will be complete!

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me today in a tour of my miniature gaming studio space. The plan is that I will shoot video and photographs in this space for my web content. I have to admit, that I am very excited.

Post pandemic, I might even game here. Stay tuned to Must Contain Minis and soon you will see an update video about my hobby desk.

Until Next Time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!