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How do you Store and Transport your Blood and Plunder Minis and Ships?

Yesterday’s post was about how I transport armies using tool boxes. Today’s post on Bell of Lost Souls is about spreading my love for the game Blood & Plunder. These two topics together have me wondering how people transport and store their Blood and Plunder collections.

The method I talked about in the tool box post works well for light miniatures and plastic tanks, but I have no idea how to transport Blood and Plunder Miniatures. The metal minis are heavier than many of the others in my collection and the ships are ginormous. In this post, I put the question out to my readers.

How do you safely transport your Blood & Plunder minis and ships to and from your local gaming club?

My Thoughts

The first thing that I realized is that my traditional route of magnets is not going to work. These minis are too heavy and the ship will not fit in a standard tool box.

The next thing I tried is buying a GW Skirmish case and using that. It is a nice case and I may review it later on, but it is not quite right for Blood and Plunder.

“Ting, ting, ting.” That is what I heard after I heard after I filled the first tray with Blood and Plunder Minis and lifted it to fill the bottom tray. The bottom caved on the tray and all of the miniatures fell through the sides and collided at the bottom. “Ting, ting, ting.” Not something that you want to happen to your freshly and professionally painted miniatures!!!

What I found with the GW case, is that you have to load the bottom first and then the top. You then can’t remove the top until you unload it first. In the end, I made the case work as I just described, but I can’t help but think there is a better approach. I am thinking of perhaps trying a case by another company.

Cases are great for miniatures, but they do not address how to transport the ships. How do you transport them?

I am thinking of lining a storage bin with blankets and just tossing the ships on that blanket and carrying them loosely in the trunk of my car. Is that the best way? What do you do?

Please share in the comments section what you think.

Update… (October 14, 2018)

I put the question out on the web. Not as many people as I hoped commented on this site, but lots of people engaged in the discussion on Facebook.

Most people stated that the best way they transport the ship is in someones lap or on an empty seat beside them. The next most popular answer was in a bin cushioned with towels and an open top. A few people said that they don’t transport their ships, they just use them at home. Personally, I would rather get these out in the public. They are so beautiful!

As for carrying the miniatures, Feldherr Cases was the most popular choice.  

Questions to my Readers

Please comment on this page with your responses.

To reiterate, my questions that goes out to my readers is how do you transport your Blood and Plunder Miniatures and ships? What is the best method, and what should I purchase to keep these beautiful miniatures safe?


Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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