Flames of War Tournament: Battle Report 3 [February 2017]

Flames of War Tournament: Battle Report 3 [February 2017]

This post is the third Battle Report of three from the Flames of War Tournament at Phoenix Games (in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada) back in February of 2017. This was just before version 4 was released so the game was played using version 3 of the rules.

In this game, my German forces faced off against Rob’s Americans. He beat me with a 5-2 win. For this game, I was the defender and Rob was the attacker.

On the field, I had my mixed Grenadier Platoon with Weapons Sections and my Jagdpanthers waiting in Ambush. My Wirbelwinds and StuGs were in reserve. Rob started with his entire army on the table.

Flames of War Battle Report
To start, my Commander (in his StuG) and a platoon of Grenadiers guarded my objectives. I had Jagdpanthers in ambush and Wirbelwinds and more StuG Gs in reserves.


Flames of War Battle Report
Rob deployed his entire attacking army. He had a horde of American Tanks, some half-track mortar teams and a recon unit.


Flames of War Battle Report
Rob moved his recon unit forward, reducing how close I could deploy my Jagdpanthers to the objective.


FoW Ambush!!!!
My Commander was killed in the first round, but my Jagdpanthers took out almost an entire platoon with just one round of shooting.


Jagdpanthers get smoked
Rob brought smoke down on my Jagdpanthers using his Mortars. My Jagdpanthers had to move up anyhow to defend the objectives, so I was okay with this action.


15mm American Mortars in Halftracks
These are his Mortar units that hit my tanks with smoke. Not bad work at all! Well played Rob.
Flames of War Tournament Battle Report
I moved up my tanks and now both objectives are covered by my Jagdpanthers.
Flames of War After Action Report
Rob’s American Army is now starting to feel the pain from the Heavy German guns pointed their way.
Flames of War After Action Report (AAR)
That said, there are still plenty of American Tanks left.


Flames of War After Action Report
But the Germans have a Demon on their side!  🙂

At this point, things were a little tense, but I felt I was doing well. Then the Americans returned fire!

German defeat - Flames of War Battle Report
All of a sudden, all of my tanks (except one) exploded. It felt hopeless, but the StuGs could still turn the tide of the battle.

The StuGs came to the field, but it was too little too late. Rob’s tanks overwhelmed the assault guns easily.

German defeat - Flames of War Battle Report
That little armoured car on the left is credited with killing this StuG. Crazy!!!


German defeat - Flames of War Battle Report
Notice that I did get Rob’s Armoured car, but I lost the game.


German defeat - Flames of War Battle Report - Tournament Report
In the end, the Wirbelwinds didn’t even show up and only one Jagdpanther remained on the board. Rob won by elimination, as I had no commander and lost half my units. Regardless, he would have won by claiming objectives too as his jeeps are on my one objective and all that I have left on the field is a Jagdpanther.


American Victory - Flames of War Battle Report
Congratulations goes out to the American player for a 5-2 win by way of player elimination!

I hope that everyone enjoyed this Flames of War Tournament Battle Report.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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